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Identity Crisis

Ever since I was a teenager, I dreamed of being a writer.  Published.  Books in the store, on the library shelf.

Four years ago, my dreams came true, and I not only fell in love and got married, but I moved to a foreign country and didn’t have to work.  I could finally write full time.

Now, as we get ready to return to the US, I have almost nothing to show for it.

That weighs heavy on me.  Not simply because I had my dream and did nothing with it, but because I had the dream that so many other people have and did nothing with it.  I not only feel disappointed in myself, I feel ashamed.  I feel like I wasted this dream, a dream that others would have killed to have realized.

I wish I could say new dreams have replaced old ones, but that’s not the case.  In fact, I feel almost as if I have no dreams anymore.

I’ve been suffering a bit of an identity crisis lately.  I often feel like I don’t know who I am anymore, and I have these random moments where I stop and think, “Who am I?”  A lot of it has to do with being a mom now.  I was stuffing Baby J into his outerware the other day and really had this “This is me?!” moment.  It’s made more difficult because I don’t really feel like I’ve been “ME” in quite a while, so when I have these “Who am I?” moments, and I think back to who I was before, it’s a very distant memory.

I’m struggling to find myself again, and I hope that in doing so, I’ll find that spark of creativity I used to have, and the drive to do something with it.

More soon…



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Where I’m at

I’ve been quite out of sorts lately with my life.  I’ve been what I can only describe as numb when it comes to getting my thoughts out, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, writing or blogging, on the computer or on paper.  I’ve been questioning what has been my ultimate dream forever.  Do I still want to write?

I still have stories in my head, but I can’t seem to get them out.  A lack of ability or drive, or something else, I don’t know.

Is it because I don’t talk much most days, have I become locked in my head?

Is it because I don’t use the language as much, living in a foreign country?

Is it because I no longer want to escape my life into an imaginary world?

Is it because I no longer daydream?

Or is it because it’s not meant to be?

Is this a midlife crisis?



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Laying it on the line

I don’t remember what made me want to write.  I think it was just that I loved to read when I was younger.  I would devour books, sneaking my mom’s bodice-ripper-romance novels at 12 years old, reading one or more a week.

I remember when I wanted to become a writer.  I remember writing poems and submitting them to Teen Magazine.  I remember starting to write my first manuscript when I was around 13, poking my head out of my room long enough to ask my parents, “Is it okay to say ‘that’ twice in a row? As in, ‘He thought that that mistake had been corrected.'”

I took a couple of creative writing classes in high school.  I changed schools a couple of times, so I was able to take creative writing as an elective twice.  I remember one of my teachers, but not the other one.  The one I remember had long hair pulled into a ponytail, and one day he passed out the poem “Richard Cory” by EA Robinson.  I was the first one to finish reading it, and I gasped out loud.  He smiled.  To this day, I can still quote that poem.

I would dream of seeing my book in a bookstore, but more than that, in a library.  Any time I go to the library and walk through the fiction books, I run my finger along the spines, looking for something to read, and imagine that one day, my book will be there.  I feel the pride, the excitement, of having “made it” as a writer.

I have a huge binder filled with snippets of writing.  Scenes, ideas, random dialogue or exposition.  I’ve started seven, eight, nine manuscripts, have even gotten more than 50,000 words on three or four of those.  But I’ve never finished one.

It used to be, I didn’t have the time.  I worked, and I always said my dream was to not have to work.  Then, I was sure, I would be able to finish writing a book.

It’s been three years.  I had two and a half years of staying at home, not having to work, no baby, all the time in the world.  I still haven’t finished a book.

I’ve barely written in the last year.

I realize that the only thing holding me back is excuses, I certainly don’t need anyone pointing that out to me.  The baby keeps me busy, there’s always housework to do, and I refuse to give up any sleep at this point.  When given a choice between reading my blog feed or writing, I read my blog feed.  When given a choice between working out or writing, I choose working out.  When given a choice between spending time with my husband or writing, I choose spending time with my husband.

With the exception of reading my blog feed, all of my choices are not bad choices.  It’s good for me to work out, to spend time with my husband, to play with my baby, to cook dinner and keep the house somewhat clean, to ensure there are clean clothes and dishes and sheets on the bed. If I didn’t do those things I would not be a very good mother, wife, person.  “Sorry, honey, I know we haven’t seen each other all day, but I’m going to lock myself in the office for the next three hours.  See you this weekend!”

Excuses, I know.  Other people find time for it all.  I don’t know how, but they do it.  I keep trying.

I want to write.  I want to finish a book.  I want to query agents.  I want to get published.  Not only is this a lifelong dream, but it would mean I could continue to stay home with Baby J (soon to be Toddler J) after we move back home.  I need to write.

So it’s time to rethink some things.  Rearrange my days.  Make hard choices.

But there’s another facet to the problem.  When I do sit down to write, even to blog, my brain just…stalls out.  I have a ton of blog drafts, posts I’ve started by writing down a random thought with the intention of expanding on it later when I have time, but when I sit down to do it, I just…blank.  And with only a few minutes to be creative before the baby wakes up from his nap, I end up in a cycle of random thought followed by inability to elaborate on it followed by inability to attempt to elaborate on it.

See there, another excuse.

All this inability to write and knowing all along that I could have done it, if it weren’t for laziness or excuses, does not make me feel good.  It makes me feel…well, lazy.  It makes me feel like I’m failing, not just failing as a writer but failing as a person.  I’m letting myself down, and I feel like I’m also letting my husband down.  And then people I know ask me how the writing is going and I just…I just want to cry.  Because it’s not going.  I suck.  I’m not a writer.  Writers write.  And that feeling of failure just makes writing more difficult.

I’m working on all of this.  I’m working on finding making time in my day to write.  I will finish a book this year.

You’ll notice that comments for this post are closed.  I don’t want platitudes or well-intentioned advice or ill-intentioned snideness.  I just needed to put this out there.


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A day in the life

I’ve decided I want a GoPro camera.  Not to see what my cat does all day (I don’t have a cat), but to see what I do all day.  Because I am constantly doing something, and yet, I’m not doing anything any other woman/wife/mother does, so how the hell do these women work full time and still get all this shit done?  Am I doing something wrong?  I feel like the only time I sit down during the day is to eat, nurse Baby J, or pee.  That’s roughly 8am-7pm.  And yet somehow I can’t find time to write?

Because, damnit, I want to find time to write!  All the experts say, “Make time,” or “Use the 15 minutes while waiting for the water to boil.”  But I use that time to do other shit I have to do.  Anyone want a glimpse of my day?

  • 7am – Baby J wakes.  Change diaper, play a bit, nurse, and it’s time to put him down for his first nap.
  • 8-9:30am – First nap of the day.  I wash and sterilize the breast pump and milk storage parts, do dishes, sort laundry, put a load in.  Eat breakfast.  Peel, cook, and puree plums to freeze for baby food.
  • 9:30am-12:30pm – Baby J up, change diaper, play a bit, nurse, bundle us both up, walk into town to run an errand, walk back, put Baby J to bed for Nap #2.
  • 12:30-1:15pm – Second nap of the day.  I eat lunch.  Take a little time to myself.  Breathe.
  • 1:15-3:15pm – Baby J up, change diaper, play a bit, nurse (in bed so I don’t have to hold my head up – I’m exhausted!).  Strip Baby J down, put in bathtub with juicy, sticky food to eat while I shower, then give him a bath. Back down for a nap.
  • 3:15-5pm – Third nap of the day.  Clean shower, prep dinner, around 4:15 say, “You know what, screw this, I’m going to blog!”
  • 5-8pm – Baby J up, change diaper, play a bit, nurse.  Make dinner, eat dinner, feed Baby J solids. Put him to bed for the night.  Clean up kitchen.
  • 8-9:30pm – Watch TV with Stephen, try to relax some.
  • 9:30-10pm – Brush teeth, read 10 pages, lights out.
  • 11:30pm – Baby J wakes, soothe him back to sleep.
  • 2:30-3:30am – Baby J wakes, change diaper, nurse.  Pump.
  • 3:30-7am – sleep.

I really feel like I bust my ass most days, and I’m exhausted.  I want nothing more than to sit on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch a cheesy romantic comedy.  But there’s still so much to do!  Besides, if I’m going to take that time to myself, shouldn’t I write?

Like I said, I can’t help but feel I’m doing something wrong.  Like, do I spend too much time doing dishes?  Making dinner?  There’s not a whole lot of wiggle room in my schedule, it’s not like I can cut out a nursing session.

Here’s what I want time to do:

  • Read 10 pages a night
  • Work out every day
  • Write every day

These are my current goals.  Not my 2015 goals, just my current goals.  I want to read more.  I want to drop some weight by mid-April, and started a 90 day challenge this week (I’m on Day 3, and I don’t know if I’ll find time to work out today).  I want to finish writing a book by the end of March.

These are things I want to do for me.  And I think anything I do for me will make me a better person, wife, and mother, because I will be happier with myself and thus happier in general.  I don’t think these goals are too much to ask of myself.

So the question is, what has to give to make these things happen?

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Sum Sunday, September 8, 2013


  • We watched Science of Dogs, a National Geographic video.  They kept talking about eugenics and breeding the perfect dog for this or that. My thought: “wW’re freaking Hitler.”  The documentary was interesting, and there were some fun parts (puppies!!), but I just kept feeling really sad about the whole thing.

Writing Progress:

  • Still working on some worldbuilding and research into genetics.  I’ve changed one of my ideas already, so I’m “recasting” most of my characters, looks-wise.  I’m still at a loss as to what my main male character looks like.  I’ve been doing a lot of trolling (trawling?) through Pinterest to see if a particular face sparks my interest.  Nothing too pretty, and he’s kind of a bodyguard type, so he can’t be too skinny.  So far, no hits…
  • This past week I was really putting off the “writing” part of writing the book.   I know, I know.  Here’s the thing – I’m going on vacation for 11 days in a couple of weeks.  I don’t want to start, get in a groove, then have the vacation wreck it all.  I just want to come back and *W*R*I*T*E*.  Like, bam, book done in a month.  But I can’t do that.  It’s ready.  I’m ready.  So this is it, starting today, I’m officially in the writing phase.  I spent today going over the first few scenes, which I had already written, tweeking a couple of things, nothing too in depth.  But tomorrow…oh, boy, tomorrow will be fun!

New on Zazzle:

  • Playing around with one of the photos I took in Stockholm:
Yellow Place Mat
Yellow Place Mat by EmbraceLifeBInspired
Check out Yellow Placemats online at zazzle

What’s Making Me Happy This Week:

  • Our trip to Barcelona is booked!  We decided to rent an apartment rather than stay at a hotel, so I’m really excited about that.  We’ll be there for 10 nights!  Plus, we’re going during La Merce Festival – a Fire Run, Human Towers, Fireworks, Parades, and a light show at La Sagrada Familia!  My camera is going to BLOW UP.  Check out the videos below!
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Plodding through Plotting

I’ve officially spent too much time plotting/outlining Memory Thieves.  How do I know this?  My dream last night was plotting out my dreams, moving scenes around.  Seriously.

I used to be a pantser.  I’ve always thought of myself as a pantser.  I always want to be a plotter.  But there’s just so much of the story that is discovered along the way, a thorough, complete outline is beyond me.  But there is some middle ground.  For me, that’s plotting out as much as I can, writing some, then plotting out some more.  Lucky for me, most of my plotting occurs in the first half (first quarter!) of the book.  Want proof?

Below is a screen shot of my current plotting method.  (This is the first time I’m using Scapple for mind-mapping, and I’m trying to figure out how to best use it for plotting.  This method is not perfect, it will probably change.  But for now, this is it.)

Note that there are eight column-like areas.  Columns 1, 3, 5, and 7 just say “Scene XX.”  1-25, 26-50, so on.  Columns 2, 4, 6, and 8 are actual scene ideas that I’ve placed roughly where I think they should go.  Do you see anything…interesting?

Plotting attempt using Scapple to outline

Plotting attempt using Scapple to outline – “Column 6” is completely empty, “Column 8” isn’t much better


As you can see, and as is normal for me, I have the first quarter of the book nearly fully fleshed out.  The second quarter is close, too.  The second half of the book?  No idea.  I have a general idea of where the plot is headed, but I don’t have scene ideas in my head to get me there.  And that’s where I tend to stall out when it comes to writing.

I’ve mentioned it before, but the other books I’ve (partially) written follow this same structure.  My beginnings are solid.  I have characters, and settings, and details, and backstory, and I feel really great about the beginnings of my works in progress.  But then, the idea just sort of…peters out.  I get to a spot and all I’ve got is, “And then this happened and then that happened and then they lived happily ever after.”  Unfortunately, 40,000 words does not make a novel.

Obviously, it’s a conflict issue.  The whole middle of the book is about conflict, about what the Protagonist wants and what is preventing her from getting it and how she keeps trying.  Heck, I could start throwing in scenes where aliens land on her house and take her hostage and she escapes but then she’s hit by a car and now she’s in a coma and can’t talk and then she wakes up but somehow she can’t talk and there are no pens around so she can’t communicate through writing and then someone finds a pen but it’s out of ink and then someone finds a pencil but the lead breaks and there’s not a pencil sharpener and then….  Well, you get the picture.  That’s conflict, eight whole scenes of it, a series of events preventing the main character from doing what she wants to do.  The problem is, none of these issues work with the books I’m writing – if they did, I’d be set!  I understand the concept, I understand how to do it…I just can’t apply it, evidently.

I did play around with the plotting a little bit, and it’s now better than the screen clip above.  I have some stuff in the 6th column now, although I’m still lacking anything in the 8th.  Except, you know, resolution scenes.  But I’ll keep plodding along…



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Sum Sunday, August 25, 2013


  • I spent four months trying to get through a book on my kindle.  Finally finished it, decided to read a paper book, got through it in three days.  I’m trying to decide if it’s a kindle/paper issue, or if it’s simply the choice of books…
  • I went to sign up for a gym that’s in town, so I could run on the treadmill in the winter.  The gym is less than half a mile away, so it would be easy to get to in the snow, run a few miles, then walk home.  But then I found out that they’re moving in two months, and it’ll be about a mile away from me.  Which kind of negates the purpose…I mean, walk a mile, run a few miles, walk back home…I’ll have to walk two miles, to run 2-3 miles.  Silliness…
  • My entire life, I’ve thought gander was a flock of geese.  You know, “What’s good for one (“the goose”) is good for all (“the gander”).  Imagine my surprise to learn, this week, at the age of 37, that gander means male goose.  Seriously, how stupid am I?

Funny Shit Online:

  • This tree gets a lot of action:  
  • And the follow up gif of the bear pole dance (you still need to watch the full video – the full family of bears cracked me up!):  

Writing Progress:

  • “Young Love” still has me enthralled.  I’ve done a ton of brainstorming and plotting this week on Memory Thieves, and I’m loving the idea .  Now just hoping I can actually, you know, turn it into a novel
  • On Tuesday, Stephen downloaded the Scapple for Windows Beta for me, so I put my thoughts on scenes into that and did some character development.  It’s been really helpful – loving the electronic mindmapping it allows me to do!

What’s Making Me Happy this week:

  • My writing progress and Scapple for Windows (see above).
  • Stephen and I watched Long Way Down last year.  In it, actor Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman traveled by motorcycle from the northern tip of Scotland to the very southern tip of Africa.  It made me yearn to travel to Africa, and I still swear I will one day make a trip to Malawi.  This week, we started watching Long Way Round, which Stephen has actually seen before.  It was filmed before Long Way Round, and in it Charley and Ewan travel from the UK to New York on motorcycle, going east through Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Canada, and the US.  Now, I have no desire to travel by motorcycle like this, but I literally salivate over their travels through (so far through episode 3) Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine.  They stopped in at an orphanage that houses children that are still affected by Chernobyl.  It’s one of those things that you know happened, but you don’t think about people today still being affected by it.
  • If you like Walk on the Wild Side (“Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Al! Alan!”), you’ll enjoy Penguin Dilemma:  

What’s decidedly not making me happy this week:

  • No fewer than 5 people on my Facebook feed posted the slowed down version of Jolene this week.  I avoided it for as long as I could.  Yes, it’s great, but that’s one of those songs that gets stuck. in. my. head.  (In other news, Stephen says he’s never heard that song before….)
  • The sun is setting much (much) further south than it was a month ago.  Of course it is.  But it makes me sad.  Imagine this, if you will:  Our balcony faces due west.  This means we have a full sunset view year round.  Draw a line left to right, about the width of your arm span.  In the winter the sun set at the far left hand of that line.  In the summer, the far right hand.  Right now, it’s setting just to the right of your shoulder.  And it makes me sad…
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Sum Sunday, August 18, 2013


  • You know the stereotype that men are big babies when they’re sick, but women still take care of business like nothing’s wrong?  Well, not in this house.  I’m the biggest whiney-butt when I’m sick.  I lay there, I moan, and (although it hasn’t happened yet) I’m totally the type to call Stephen in from the other room because the remote control is 5 inches out of my reach.  I’m not a good sick person.

Writing Progress:

  • Monday – Woohoo!  Got 2048 words today.  I’m going into my fourth scene, and I’ve already had a character kind of take over.  The sheriff showed up, and he was supposed to be mean and hateful and intolerant of the main character, and instead, he’s still nursing a crush from high school.  Don’t know what to do at this point, because he can’t be the romantic lead.  So maybe he’ll just end up being a best friend type…
  • Tuesday – Only 797 words today.  Stephen stayed home from work, and I always have a little bit harder time writing when other people are around. Don’t get me wrong – it was nothing he did.  He’s very good about encouraging me to write and giving me the space to do so.  It’s just my own mental problem!  🙂
  • Wednesday – More brainstorming today, working out who the antagonist is and what he/she/they want.
  • Thursday – I got nothing done today, because I spent most of the day asleep on the couch.  Being sick kind of screws with your imagination…
  • Friday – Sunday – See above.

What’s Making Me Happy this week:

  • Alka Seltzer effervescent cold tablets.  And Nyquil.
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Writers write. Every day.

250 words a day

You’ll hear this over and over again as you struggle to find time, inspiration, motivation, and energy to write.  Writing is a practice, just like piano, or golf, or yoga.  The more you do it, the better you get, and, with writing in particular, I think the goal for most people is to write every day.  Most people don’t have the time.  I don’t have that excuse.

So what is my excuse, on the days I don’t write?  Inspiration, most of the time, or lack thereof.  I’ve mentioned several times (most recently in yesterday’s Sum Sunday) that I have various works in progress that need to be finished and edited, yet I can’t seem to figure out how.  Maybe it’s truly a “writer’s block” type issue.  Maybe I’m just too lazy to sit down and figure it out.  Maybe I’m just not meant to really be a writer.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that most of the time, those days that I don’t write, it’s because I’m so stymied by the creative process, so unutterably unable to come up with a complete sentence, that it’s easier (and more fun) to clean the toilet and mop the floor.  Yes – I said those things were more fun than writing.

Sure, motivation has also been an issue for me.  To combat that, I tried using The Magic Spreadsheet.  I had heard about it on one of the podcasts I listen to, “I Should Be Writing.”  It’s a tool that tracks your writing progress (based on how many words you wrote in a day) and awards an increasing number of points based on how many days in a row you’ve written.  There are people who love the spreadsheet, it’s helped them write more often, even helped them finish books.  I’m not sure, though, if it’s for me.

Let me be clear:  I think that if you have an idea and you want to sit down and pound out 100,000 words and have a finished product, The Magic Spreadsheet is a great tool.  Seeing your word count go up every day, seeing the points you gain, simply by writing a measly 250 words a day – that’s very motivational.

Where I feel the Spreadsheet fails, at least for me, is in the brainstorming and editing process.  Sure, if I’m writing a story out, I can bang out 250 words (or more) a day.  But what about the days when you’re doing research?  Brainstorming?  World-building?  Going through things in your head and trying to determine how to proceed?  And what about after it’s written, when you’re removing more words than you’re putting in, when you change 50 words in one scene, 20 words in another, and 5 in another?  Tracking words become cumbersome.  Editing, at least for me, is not something I can sit down and do a half an hour of.  It’s full immersion, it’s notes and highlighters and hair pulling and cursing and “Shit it’s been five hours and I’m still nowhere with this piece of crap book!”  So I might do a couple of days of editing, then take a couple of days off.  Boom – my chain on the Magic Spreadsheet is broken.

I think time off can be beneficial.  Yes, writing every day is important.  And sometimes, taking some time off is just as important.  The problem, of course, is that most people “take a day off” and suddenly it’s been a month or more since they’ve written.  That’s me, in the past, certainly.

Oddly enough, as I was thinking about this post and what I would write, I realized the most recent “I Should Be Writing” podcast deals with the Spreadsheet, eight months after it’s inception.  As Mur states in the podcast, why not try it.  What’s the harm?  It’s simply a tool, you’re on your honor, and if it gets you to write, then great!  And I totally agree with all of that.  She also touches on the fact that when you’re between projects, it gets really hard to focus and come up with something to write.

I’ve always been about trying different things until it works for me.  In my past jobs, I’ve created several processes that ended up being adopted by other people.  I take something, tweak it, tweak it again, tweak it again, until it works for me.  The Magic Spreadsheet is one of those things that I intend to build on.  I know I should keep better track of my writing than I have in the past, keep track of word count to make me feel better about the whole thing, mark down what else is going on in the writing process for the days I’m not writing.  I know I should be writing (almost) every day.  I don’t know – they’re working on a website for the Magic Spreadsheet (it’s currently a shared worksheet in Google Docs), and I’m interested to see the functionality there, so I might still use it.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing.  Because that’s what’s important.

What I wrote this week:

  • (On Thursday, I decided to keep better track of what I’m writing.  What story am I working on, how many words did I write, am I plotting, thinking about things in my head, editing, etc.  So, this week is a little scattered, but next week I’m going to try to log my writing every day.  This is mostly for my benefit, but I hope that putting it into the public domain, I’ll be more likely to ensure I actually get some writing done.)
  • On Tuesday, I wrote out (longhand, 568 words) a new story opening idea for Again (working title).  My main problem with this story is that my main character is way to laid back, easy going, and patient.  She’s worked through all her flaws (and yes, she has indeed worked through them all – that’s part of her characterization).  She needs a flaw, and I’m at a loss as to what it should be, other than “too patient.”  I also need something to glue the two main characters together, other than simply “magnetic attraction” and fate.  Otherwise, why don’t they either simply get together or go their separate ways?  So I changed him to a professor and had her take a class…except, for purposes of the story, she can only audit a class, so again, it’s not like she needs to keep going to class.  (This is one of those stories making me bang my head against a wall.)
  • Wednesday:  I typed up what I wrote Tuesday, but was still against a brick wall with that story.  Several weeks ago (I think while Stephen’s parents were here) I had this idea that I wrote down on a scrap piece of paper.  Well, Wednesday, I picked it up, and the story started talking to me.  I did a rough synopsis, then wrote down a few random thoughts throughout the night (Stephen laughed as I frantically searched for my notebook while trying not to lose the thoughts in my head).  The story is set in the near-ish future, not quite dystopian, but probably a tad bit.  Can’t say too much about it now, other than the working title:  Memory Thieves.
  • Thursday:  I did quite a bit of brainstorming on Memory Thieves, coming up with the three main characters, doing some plotting, writing some rough scene ideas, doing a little bit of world-building in my head.  I’m loving the story right now, it’s really playing out in my head.  Happy writer today.  🙂
  • Friday:  Ah, the joys of young writing, like the joys of young love.  That carefree, easy, idealized love for the story that seems to be perfect.  Yep, I’m in the throws of it.  I sat down and wrote about 1300 words today.  The words were just there.  Such a lovely feeling.
  • Saturday:  Just did some brainstorming, and Pinning on Pinterest, trying to see what my characters might look like.
  • Sunday:  Lots of world building today – what the world is like 200 years from now, technology, how people live, etc.  It’s kind of fun, making up a whole world – and no one will be able to tell me I’m wrong about something.  😉
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Sum Sunday, August 11, 2013


  •  My favorite candies have always been the tartier candies, like nerds, sweettarts, spree.  It is nearly impossible to find that type of candy here in Finland.  Tons upon tons of black licorice (yuk!!), plenty of chocolate, but tart candy is rare.  I can get pez, which is awesome, except that I eat it all in one gulp.  
  • (Please don’t send me candy!  I don’t need it!  It’s just one of those things I occasionally miss…)
  • Once again, I’m dying for a warm beach vacation.  I’m having a hard time convincing Stephen of it, though.  Guess I’ll just have to go to Thailand by myself…

Writing Progress:

  • I seem to simply keep pounding my head against a wall when it comes to any WIP I touch.  I have three now that I’m actively trying to find a way to complete – not all at the same time, mind you, but I work on one until my head hurts, then I work on another until I’m ready to throw myself off the balcony, then I move onto the third one until I drink myself into oblivion.  I can’t seem to get anywhere with any of them.  I need solid plot points, a solid main story line, and I keep coming up with…nothing.  I make notes upon notes, asking “What if this?” and “Maybe that?”  And I’ve got nothing.
  • What I do have is yet another story idea that won’t stop pestering me.  Because, you know, that’s what I need now.
  • Excuse me while I rip my brain out, take it out by the bike racks in front of school, and beat it senseless.

What’s Making Me Happy this week:

  • Sewing Machine Shaming (you, know, like the dog shaming meme).
  • A photo my husband sent me of him doing the dishes he had amassed in the week I’d been away, wearing an apron and no shirt.  Sorry, you don’t get to see it, but it had me laughing for a good 5 minutes.  🙂
  • Usually, taking video in portrait more is a no-no.  This video, however, is perfect:

What’s making you happy this week?

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