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You know you want it-

Remember that little announcement I hinted at last week?  Well, get ready:

I decided to start a shop on zazzle using some of the photos I’ve taken on my travels.  Check it out!

This is a photo of an emblem embedded in the streets of Bayeux, France.  It’s the tree from the Bayeux Tapestry.  This is sized so that the necklace only shows the emblem, but some of the other products have the asphalt surrounding it, which is quite striking.

This is a photo I took in Ireland of some ivy growing on a tree.  I played around with it in photoshop to make it more of a watermark type picture.
Soft Ivy Computer Bag
Soft Ivy Computer Bag by EmbraceLifeBInspired
Browse more Green commuterbag at Zazzle
This photo was taken in Riga, Latvia.  The building is Art Nouveau, and there was this little red birdhouse nestled on it.  I played with the photo in photoshop, made it black and white, but kept the little birdhouse red.  I call it “There’s a little red birdhouse in your soul over yonder, that’s where my baby lives.”  Totally mixing two song lyrics, but I couldn’t decide which one worked better…
I took this photo in Rauma, Finland.  It’s the snow covered sea, and the rocks and grass growing around it.  Another photo I played with in photoshop to get a cool effect.
This is a photo of Mont St Michel, in France, with poppies (my favorite!) in the foreground.  This is still one of my favorite photos from our travels so far!
Riga, Latvia, I was walking along the river at sunrise and there’s this pink ladder going…nowhere.  I played around with the saturation in this one, and I really like the way it turned out.
This is an iron tree that’s in the iron museum in Rouen, France.  I played around with it just enough to get the background as white as possible.  And, of course, I added my “brand” to this one.  🙂
You can see all available products here.  I’ll be adding more as I dig through my photos and play around with them.
So, what do you think?  Have you seen any photos on my blog that you would love to see on a product?  (I’m also going to work on getting photos available to buy, in poster/photo form.)
I don’t know that anyone will buy any of this stuff, and I certainly don’t expect to make a living off of it.  Still, it’s fun to play around and see what comes out of it! 🙂
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Retail Therapy

I was a little down in the dumps yesterday, so today (my husband will love reading this) I did a little retail therapy.

It’s Lace Week (Pitsiviikolla) here in Rauma, and today there were a ton of booths set up around town.  I bought a few gifts, and I bought some more Lappi Hunaja (honey), and then I bought some stuff “just because.”

First up, this cute purse from Aanmaa.  My current small-across-the-chest purse is literally falling apart, and this one was so cute – plus it had a handy pocket for the cell phone and a hook for the keys.

Anne told us she designs and makes these bags, and they are water-resistant (big plus).  She lives in the Archipelago by Turku.

Next up, this little glass dish.  I thought it would be a good catch-all, maybe for my earrings next to the bed, or for Stephen’s keys by the front door.

Then there’s this throat syrup.  The woman told me that this syrup comes from pine trees, and Finnish women have been using it for centuries to help with sore throats in the winter. Well, knowing what the cough drops taste like around here, and hearing that the cough syrup from the pharmacy isn’t any better, I thought it would be a good idea to buy this stuff for future use.  Centuries of Finnish women can’t be wrong, right?

I also bought a little something from Anna Pusu (website in Finnish, you’ll need to use a translator), but it’s a gift for someone so I can’t post the photo here.  But I wanted to share this beautiful jewelry.  From my understanding (from talking to the artist’s dad for a bit, and reading the website), the jewelry is made using an image (like a photo) and a particular kind of crystal.  The crystal gives the image a 3D quality.  You can see examples on their Facebook page:  Below is the artist’s Dad, who I had seen a few weeks ago in the town square, and I was glad to see him again because I was kicking myself for not buying anything last time!

Next up – this planter.  A little story first.  You see, I saw this planter yesterday and loved it, but didn’t buy it.  Later in the day yesterday, I went by it again, but still didn’t buy it.  Today, I saw it for a third time, but the planter was pretty heavy (I think it’s made out of concrete), so I didn’t want to carry it around with me all day.  So I didn’t buy it.  I went buy a 4th time, but still wasn’t ready to lug it around.  So finally, when I was about to go home, I stopped and bought it.  I mean, seriously, after lusting after it so much, I had to buy it.  The guy selling it probably thought I was casing his booth, I was there so much!!

I mentioned that it’s Lace Week, and tonight is the *big* night, called Black Lace Night.  Evidently everyone dons their black lace apparel and there’s a big party in town.  So, to fit in, I bought a black lace scarf and some arm thingies (what are those called?).  I’ll post pictures of me dressed up later, mm-kay?

During Lace Week, in addition to the markets and the black lace and the obvious drinking that goes along with any Finnish holiday, they also have all kind of events, including lace making demonstrations, flea markets, and weaving instructions.  A few months ago my friend Pam and I stumbled into what we thought was a stained glass store, and it ended up having a bunch of weaving looms in it.  We were fascinated, and we both took the opportunity this week to try our hands at it.  Pam did it the other day, and it was my turn today.  Who would have ever thought, me, working a loom.  And you know what?  I can’t wait to try it again!  My final product turned into essentially a placemat.

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