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Illumination (a wordpress photo challenge)

Our apartment faces due west, so we enjoy watching the course of the sunset through the year – right now it’s to the very far left; in June it will be to the very far right.  Last week, I was sitting in the home office and happened to glance out the window, which faces north.  This side of the building doesn’t get any direct sunlight right now, because the sun sits so low on the southern horizon, but this day, for maybe five minutes, the sun hit the tops of these two pine trees and illuminated them to a bright autumn orange.

Golden Glow

Soon, the sun will be shining on this part of Finland for 20 hours a day, but for now, this made my day!

(This post is in response to the wordpress weekly photo challenge for January 11, 2013.  See more photo posts of illumination here.)

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Photo Challenge – week of Feb 26th – “Shiny”

For the week of February 26th, the challenge was “Shiny.”  I walked around all week repeating “shiny, shiny, shiny” to myself, like a lunatic.  I got several photos, but there are two I took today that I particularly like.

The fuel rods as seen from inside the reactor core of a nuclear power plant.

The copper canister for fuel rod disposal.

I’ve always been interested in photography, but have never really learned a lot about it – or had a good enough camera to really go crazy with.  For Christmas, my lovely husband bought me a good camera, and one of the things I want to work on while we’re in Finland is learning photography.

Last month, my friend Jen challenged me (well, everyone, really) to do a photo a day.  I immediately accepted…and pretty much failed.  I’ve done a photo a day challenge before, for the entire year of 2010, and I know how difficult it is to take interesting photos every day (as opposed to yet another photo of your cat), let alone really play with the camera and see what you can do.  So instead of a photo a day challenge, I’ve decided on a photo a week challenge, based on the PhotoSunday challenge of the week.  I don’t plan on submitting my photos to their website, mainly because I’m not ready to start a second blog specifically for photos, but I will be using the challenges on there.

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