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Words escape me

Writers should have a command of their native language.  As wordsmiths, they should rock at word games.  As a writer, I should rock.  And yet…

I’ve been playing WordTwist on my phone, and let me just say…I suck.  SSSSSSSuuuuuuck.  With a capital S.

In a recent game, I had the following board:

E   U   A   V

W   A   Y   G

H   Y   E   O

O   T   W   H

Here are the words I found:  ahoy, aye, get, hay, hew, hoe, hog, hot, hoy, tea, thaw, toy, way, wet, yaw, yew

I found 16 out of 56 words.

Now, granted, I can’t possibly find 56 words in the 2 minute time period provided, and some of the “words” are iffy (wha, vau, tho, tew, hayey – they don’t even exist in MS Word, damn it!).  But still, I couldn’t come up with more than 16?  What about ago, or age, or hey, or why?

I mentioned my vocabulary inadequacies to the Beau, which I think prompted him to invite me to a game of Words with Friends.  The first game he whooped my butt 387-209.  Yes, I suck that badly.  I’ve done better since, and it’s been a fun way to kill time at work. 

Then this weekend we played Quiddler – it’s like Scrabble, but with cards.  One round, I came up with the words “the” and “is.”  He looks at me and says, “I would have gone with “thesis.” 

Duh.  (The score count would have been the same, but I would have gotten 10 extra points for having the longest word.)

Anyway, I’m enjoying the mental calisthenics these word games are giving me.  I hope it helps me extend my every day vocabulary, because obviously, I need it.

(What words can you find in the WordTwist board above?)

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