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Walking on water

We went for a walk down by the harbor yesterday.  We ended up walking over the harbor:

Our route "by" the harbor yesterday

At some point, we realized we were actually on the sea.  It’s kind of hard to tell when the ice is covered in snow!  We figured, there were a bunch of others out there walking and skiing and snowmobiling, so surely it’s safe.

However, when you see spots like this, you get a little worried:

But then we came across a cleared track for ice skating (I assume), and it made me feel much better.

The docks were empty, of course, except for three boats.  I’m thinking this cannot be good for a boat…

There’s a lookout tower at the harbor that looks out over the sea and archipelago, but it’s only open in July.

Looking out over the sea (also my new blog header - did you notice the change?)

A hole cut out the ice by a private dock, likely for avantouinti


(I’ll be announcing the winner of the travel contest soon, along with our travel plans – I haven’t forgotten about you!!)

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5 Things I wish I had more time for

  1. Working out
  2. Writing
  3. Reading
  4. Crafting
  5. Blogging

Everyone knows that you should get some exercise every day, but finding time to do it is difficult.  That’s one of the issues every contestant on The Biggest Loser complains about.  What time do you cut into to make the time?  Time with the family?  Work?  Sleep?  There is only a finite amount of time in each day.

I do pretty well with daily exercise, and sometimes I even work out twice a day.  But I rarely read daily, or craft daily, and I sure don’t blog daily (my last blog was…2 weeks ago?!)

I should write daily.  Every piece of writing advice says this.  But I don’t.  Actually, right now, I can’t remember the last time I wrote something creative.  Within the last two weeks, certainly, but within the last week?  I don’t think so.

I recently thought, you know, I want to do each of these things daily.  Surely there’s time for that somewhere, right?

But where?

Where does my time go, and when can I carve out some time to do the things I’m supposed to do?  Maybe if I stopped showering, or cut my sleeping down to four hours a night, maybe then I’d have time.  A teleporting device would sure come in handy, I could easily get an extra 3-4 hours a week by not having to drive. 

What’s sad is, I don’t even have kids I can blame it on.  I can’t say, “I have to pick the kids up from soccer practice, make them a snack, help them with their homework, get them bathed and put to bed.”

So how is it they can do it, and I can’t?

Is it that I have to choose?  I only get one thing of those five?  Then what’s it to be?  Write?  Or work out?  Read, or blog?

I don’t want to choose – I want to do it all.

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