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This or That: Star Trek or Star Wars

You must pick one, and you must explain why.

I was late getting into the sci-fi geekery, so I never watched Star Trek or any of it’s affiliates.  I of course watched Star Wars, the first three (or the last three?), because they were pretty big hits – I don’t think Star Trek had a major popular movie around the same time.  So, up until now, I’ve been more a Star Wars fan.  I still have yet to really get into Star Trek, although I have watched a few episodes of TNG, and I fully intend to immerse myself in the franchise at some future date.  It may not be until Baby J is old enough to indoctrinate him, but eventually we’ll get there.  And maybe at that time I’ll be on Team Star Trek.  But for now, Team Star Wars.

What about you, dear Reader?  And what do you think of the new Star Wars trailer?  (Personally…it does nothing for me.  And from what I’ve seen on FB, I’m in the minority…)

We actually sat down and watched the original Star Wars movie last weekend – it had probably been 20 years since I had seen it.  And there was a lot I didn’t remember.  But that’s a topic for another post…

No giveaway this go ’round, mostly because I’m still trying to get all the already promised ones mailed out!  (This weekend, I swear!!)

Winner of last week’s This or That is H.B.!  H.B., please email me your mailing address!  (sara(underscore)sligar (at) hotmail (dot) com)

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This or That: Apples or Oranges?

Simple one this week. You must pick one, and you must explain why.

I’ve always preferred apples, because I don’t like the pith on oranges. (I also hate pulp in my orange juice. But give me Simply Orange Pulp Free, and I’m a happy girl!)  I remember one time, I was in my 20s, and my grandmother asked if I wanted an orange. I told her no, that I didn’t like the white stuff around the orange.  About 5 minutes later she plunked a bowl of oranges in front of me, no white pith to be found.  She had cut it all off, just for me.  Now that’s love.

So, readers, which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below, and you’ll be entered to win a print of this photo:

Door handle, Barcelona Spain

Door handle, Barcelona Spain

Winner of last week’s This or That is Jeremy! Jeremy, please email me at sara(underscore)sligar (at) hotmail (dot) com and let me know where to send the photo!

And, although Paris got more votes than London last week, it looks like we’ll be going to London sometime this year!  We decided to meet family wherever they wanted to go (thus giving us built-in babysitters when needed, and help the rest of the time!), and London was the pick.  But I’m sure we’ll make it to Paris one day…although maybe not with a baby in tow.  🙂

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This or That: London or Paris?

You must pick one, and you must explain why.

I’m asking this one for myself, actually, having never been to either (other than driving to CDG in Paris – oy!). We’ve been considering a trip to one this year, but not sure which would be better/easier with a baby. From what I hear, Paris is smaller, everything is closer together, whereas London is very spread out. But in London, there’s less of a language barrier. Eating in Paris with a baby who’s bedtime is 7:30 will be difficult, since many restaurants don’t open until later.

So, what say you, readers, which city do you like more? Which would be easier with a baby? Let me know in the comments below, and you’ll be entered to win a 5×7 print of one of my favorite photos:

A view of Mont St Michel through the poppies

Mont St Michel, Normandy France


Last week’s This or That generated a lot of comments, and Coke is the clear winner! Kudos to Jay Dee for pegging the problem with Pepsi – it tastes like flat coke! The winner of the Northern Lights photo is Christie – Christie, I’ll get with you on FB to get your mailing address.  🙂

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This or That: Coke or Pepsi?

You must pick one – bonus points for telling me more about your choice.

Me? I’m a Coke girl all the way. Most people I know are Coke people, and I wonder if it’s a regional thing. Where I come from, “Coke” includes all flavors and colors of the fizzy drink category, as in:

  • “Get me a Coke.”
  • “What kind?”
  • “Sprite.”  *actual conversation

Sadly, at some point in the last ten years, after moving out of Texas, I switched to “soda” as the all-encompassing category. Doesn’t make me less of a Coke person though. It’s my go-to medication for migraines and hangovers, and NO, Pepsi does NOT cut it. Not even close.

Is Monopoly money ok?

So what’s your choice: Coke or Pepsi? Leave a comment below by next Thursday and you’ll be entered to win a 5×7 print of this photo, taken on our recent trip to Lapland (where I had a hard time finding a Coke, those darn Pepsi people…):

Northern Lights

Winner of last week’s This or That is Tracie!  Tracie, email me your address and I’ll get that photo sent out to you (I also have a little something else for you!).  sara_sligar at hotmail dot com

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This or That: Lie or Tell the Truth?

I’ve never been a big fan of April Fool’s Day, so I tend to ignore it as much as possible. I love the idea of a good gag, but it seems people get mean more often than not, so instead of a fun gag it’s a men-spirited practical joke. I just don’t see the fun in that.

As if April Fools Day wasn’t bad enough, apparently Tell a Lie Day is coming up in a couple of days. Because people dont lie enough as it is, we need to have a day dedicated to celebrating and encouraging lies. I just…I can’t even.

So here’s today’s This or That. Two scenarios.

  • One classic Hollywood: You see your best friend’s spouse kissing another person – do you tell your friend, or not?
  • And another classic: Your wife/best friend asks if this dress makes her look fat – do you lie or tell the truth?

Personally…Oy. That’s a rough one. Do I tell my friend her spouse was kissing someone else? Yes. Do I tell her that dress makes her look fat? “I don’t think that fabric would do anyone any favors. Here, try this dress instead.” Which is a yes.  I really dislike lying.

What about you? Lie or Tell the Truth? Let me know in the comments – everyone who comments by next Thursday will be entered into a drawing to win a 5×7 print of this photo:

Rauma, Finland, covered in frost.

Rauma, Finland, covered in frost.

Also, I need to announce winners of the last two giveaways!

  • For This or That: Chris or Liam – Jen, as the only blog commenter, wins! (I did have some other people comment on facebook, and Chris is apparently the winner all the way around. That’s okay – more Liam for me!) Jen will be receiving a lovely postcard I picked up in Rovaniemi!
  • For This or That: Chocolate or Vanilla – Megan wins a lovely postcard from Rauma!
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This or That: Chris or Liam Hemsworth?


You must choose one, and you must explain why. But you can put whatever spin on it you want (Which is cuter? Which is a better actor? Which would you rather see thrown off a cliff?). Personally, I think Liam is hotter than Chris. Like, list-worthy, if I actually had a list. Stephen and I were discussing this the other night, and he asked why – they look the same to him. I pulled up a picture, and he’s right. When you compare their eyes, or their nose, or their mouth, they look the same. I don’t know what it is, but I think Liam is WAY hotter. I think it might be the slope of the shoulders – Liam’s are a bit more square (Chris is beefier, which I think causes some shoulder sloping). Or maybe I just like darker as compared to blond. I don’t know. But I prefer Liam. So what’s your choice, Chris or Liam? Let me know in the comments – everyone who comments will get entered into a drawing to get a lovely postcard from Beautiful Finland! 🙂
*Winner of last week’s postcard will be announced next week, since we’re traveling this week.*
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This or That: Chocolate or Vanilla?

You must choose one, and you must explain why. But you can put whatever spin on it you want. (Ice cream, pudding, cake, dessert, ideas, relationships, or whatever else you think breaks down into those two categories.)

Personally, I choose vanilla. A lot of people think vanilla is boring, and people who choose vanilla are uninteresting and unadventurous. I argue the opposite. Vanilla is a base. If you have vanilla ice cream on hand, but want something chocolaty, you can add Hersheys syrup. Want strawberries? Add them. In the mood for cinnamon ice cream (my personal favorite, but usually not commercially available), just add cinnamon. Add blueberries, raspberries, lingonberries. Mix in fudge or chocolate chips or crushed up cookies. A world of flavors in one tub of ice cream. And if you’re in the mood for vanilla ice cream? Well, there’s not much you can do to make chocolate ice cream vanilla.

So what’s your choice, Chocolate or Vanilla? (And remember, it doesn’t have to be nice cream!) Let me know in the comments – everyone who comments within the next week will get entered into a drawing to get a lovely postcard from Beautiful Finland! 🙂


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