This or That: Buy or DIY?

Are you the type that sees something in a store or online and says, “I could make that!”  Or do you buy it and save yourself the time and effort?

I’ve looked online at quiet books for kids, and I love the idea, but I thought, “I could totally do that!”

I may be in over my head.

We’ll see.  I know I won’t get the whole thing done, but I hope to have some pages for our next vacation in a couple of months, something to keep Baby J busy on the plane.

What about you – Are you a Buyer or a DIYer?  Let me know in the comments below, and you’ll be entered to win some poppyseed soap made by yours truly! (Scent TBD – I have to see what scents I have available.) I made poppyseed soap as wedding favors when we got married, and I’ve had quite a few requests for more from family and friends since then. Time to make a new batch!

Photo by Nicki Thatcher,

Everyone who comments on This or That Thursday in the month of July will be registered to win homemade poppyseed soap. Winner will be announced in August.


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4 thoughts on “This or That: Buy or DIY?

  1. I’m definitely a DIY’er ^^

  2. Mary G.

    I am so Buy! I have DIY a few times. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not. I try to buy when I can just to reduce the amount of stress. Here lately, potty training twins, I am buy, buy, buy all the way. Of course getting laid off means I might have to DIY again soon.

  3. anonymous

    DIY if you have the time/enjoy doing it and the yu can live with the end result, otherwise buy.

  4. I can DIY with the best of them…but I’ve also done enough DIY to understand my strengths and weaknesses and to take into account the cost of my time. All that’s to say that these days for the most part, i am a BUYER.
    When I wanted to make a quilt for Miriam’s bed — I came to terms with my hatred of my sewing machine and hired a friend to make it. Best $100 spent. When I wanted a new tufted linen headboard, I bought it. When I wanted a piece of furniture reupholstered, I went to a neighbor that does it.
    They, in turn: hire me to bake goods, give them real estate help, organize their homes. I think it all works out. 🙂

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