This or That: Mountains or Ocean?

I feel like I’ve done this one before, or maybe I’ve just talked about my absolute adoration of the ocean in a previous post.  How yes, mountains are pretty, but the ocean, the sea, is my first love.  Ah, yes, here it is.  “The ocean moves, it dances, it sings. It destroys and cleanses and gives and takes away. Mountains erode. Slooooowwwllllyyyyy.”

Of course, if you’re really lucky, you might get both, like we did last week while in Croatia.  Such a beautiful contrast!

near Dubrovnik, Croatia

near Dubrovnik, Croatia

Which do you prefer, Mountains or Ocean?  Why? Let me know in the comments below, and you’ll be entered to win some poppyseed soap made by yours truly! (Scent TBD – I have to see what scents I have available.)

Everyone who comments on This or That Thursday in the month of July will be registered to win homemade poppyseed soap. Winner will be announced in August.

Winner of June’s giveaway is Jen!  (Actually, Anonymous won, but since I don’t have a way of telling if the person who claims the prize is actually the person who commented on the post, I decided to re-draw.)  Jen, I’ll be sending you a pretty picture in the mail soon!

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One thought on “This or That: Mountains or Ocean?

  1. Mei

    Mountains erode. Slooooowwwllllyyyyy…..actually there are many cases where the mountains are growing, or creating something new. There is much more going on than we realize….similar to all the activity under the surface of the ocean. I am always in awe when at the ocean, the size scale, beauty, power, all of it is amazing. Mountains however make me feel humble in a way that the ocean does not. The physical changes are so visible and so large in some and tiny in others…it is indescribable. Mountains all the way

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