This or That: Cool Weather or Hot?

Which do you prefer?  In mid-June, would you prefer to live in a place where it is 50°F or 90°F?  In mid-January would you prefer it to be 30°F or 50°F?

This week’s This or That brought to you from 50° Finland.  (IOW, I want it to be summer already, damn it!!)

In case my position needs further explanation, I like heat.  I would far prefer to be in a warmer climate than a cooler one.  While I absolutely love the typical Finnish summer with perfect mid-70° days, I love a good 90°+ day (assuming you have working air conditioning to go along with it).  I love the feeling of being in a cold, air conditioned building (mall, office building) and walking out into the heat of the day.  I always feel like I’m thawing out.  I miss that feeling.  Although, I will admit that I don’t miss burning myself on the seat belt or the steering wheel…

So, what about you?  Let me know in the comments below, and you’ll be entered to win a 4×6 print of this photo:

House by the Sea

All comments for This or That in the month of June will be eligible for the giveaway!

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One thought on “This or That: Cool Weather or Hot?

  1. I don’t like the heat. I like it for vacations, but I wouldn’t want to LIVE in it 24/7. Too many weird and nasty things thrive is hot, moist environments. 🙂
    I would prefer a 50 degree June day to a 90 degree one. And in January, 30 degrees is fine by me – especially welcome if it’s accompanied by snow.
    But I still hope you get your summer temps 🙂

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