Inspiration Tuesday – Donate your hair!

I used to have really long hair, down to my butt.  I had long hair for years.  I always intended to donate it to Locks of Love, I just hated the thought of cutting 12″ off!  Until one day, I bit the bullet and did it.  12″ gone.

Then I did it again, about 3 years later:

Locks of Love donation

I was very proud of my donation.  I have really thick, healthy hair, and I hope they were able to make a fantastic wig for a kid out of it.  It makes me happy that I was able to do it not only once, but twice.  I received a little postcard to thank me for the donation, and I have it framed.  It hangs next to my college diploma at home (although both are currently in storage in the US).

So when I saw this story, it made my heart happy.  An 8 year old boy grew his hair out to donate it, putting up with bullies while he did it.  He’s awesome, and quite the inspiration!

What’s inspiring you this week?

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One thought on “Inspiration Tuesday – Donate your hair!

  1. I donated my hair when I chopped off 12.5 inches after giving birth. That was some lovely, thick, pregnancy hair!! I have no issue with doing it again. I love growing out my hair and then chopping it off — if it serves a good cause, that’s just icing on the cake. 🙂

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