This or That: Luke or Han?

We finished rewatching the Star Wars trilogy, and I will say it again – there’s so much I didn’t remember, plot-wise. I did remember more about the third movie than the first two, for some reason. Ewoks are still so darn cute, I don’t care what you say!

Growing up, I seem to remember Luke getting a lot of love from the girls. Even though I didn’t remember the movies so well, I feel like I was more of a Han fan girl myself. Having rewatched the movies recently, I’m definitely a Han fan. Nothing quite like that bad boy with a heart of gold. I found Luke to be a whiny teenager, at least in the first movie – less so by the third, of course.

So I’m wondering, readers – Luke or Han? Who did you have a crush on growing up, and has that changed now that you’re older? Who did you idolize more? Who did you want to be more like?  Let me know in the comments below!

New giveaway rules – each comment on a This or That post in the month of June will be entered into a random drawing.  The winner will receive a 4×6 print of this photo:

House by the Sea

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2 thoughts on “This or That: Luke or Han?

  1. I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie all the way through…but Han Solo all the way! How do you choose someone over a young Harrison Ford?!

    • anonymous

      Well, Luke, though being whiny in the first and the second movie, is pretty bad-ass in the third. Han on the other hand loses steam in the third. He isn’t as funny, etc.

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