This or That: Cards or Board Games?

Euphoria in board games is often at the expense of other players... (FlickrFriday #41 - Euphoria)

You must pick one, and you must explain why, but you can put any twist on it you want. Which would you rather play? Which is a family past time? Bonus points for telling me which card or board game is your favorite!

Personally, I like board games, but I’ve married into a card game family. They do play a lot of board games, too, though. Actually, they play a lot of my favorite kind of game – screw the board, just read the questions and yell out answers!

So what about you – Cards or Board Games?

No giveaway this week, but be sure to check back next week for a new one!

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One thought on “This or That: Cards or Board Games?

  1. These days I would say card games just because they are more quickly paced than board games and I never feel like i have enough time unless I’m on vacation.

    But I also love strategy board games like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride when you have hours and hours of a rainy day or the time between thanksgiving dinner and dessert to kill. 🙂

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