Inspiration Tuesday

I was once in a college math class with a six year old in pigtails. She wasn’t a child prodigy, though. She sat in the back of the class, coloring, quiet as a mouse, while her mother, a fellow student, took notes. At one point, as the professor was explaining some mathmatical function or another, the little girl started humming softly, then started singing. “Night fever, night fever, we know how to do it.”

The entire class froze, stifling laughter. The girl’s mother was mortified, and hurried to the back of the room to quiet her daughter. The professor looked at the woman, smiled, said, “It’s okay,” and carried on.

Other than that one little disruption, the little girl didn’t cause any trouble. She just sat quietly, occasionally humming. She got some coloring done, and her mom worked on her education.

I was reminded of this when I read this awesome story of a professor soothing the crying child of one of his students during class. I love that the professor not only allows but encourages women to get an education, even with a baby in tow.

What’s inspiring you this week?

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday

  1. At my college (BYU), it was not uncommon at all to see baby carriers with squirming infants inside littering the aisles in classes…though I never saw the professors pick them up when they cried. That’s awesome! 🙂

    • anonymous

      Would it be mean to say that it’s because their stance on birth-control?
      At least they’re not calling them sluts.

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