This or That: Star Trek or Star Wars

You must pick one, and you must explain why.

I was late getting into the sci-fi geekery, so I never watched Star Trek or any of it’s affiliates.  I of course watched Star Wars, the first three (or the last three?), because they were pretty big hits – I don’t think Star Trek had a major popular movie around the same time.  So, up until now, I’ve been more a Star Wars fan.  I still have yet to really get into Star Trek, although I have watched a few episodes of TNG, and I fully intend to immerse myself in the franchise at some future date.  It may not be until Baby J is old enough to indoctrinate him, but eventually we’ll get there.  And maybe at that time I’ll be on Team Star Trek.  But for now, Team Star Wars.

What about you, dear Reader?  And what do you think of the new Star Wars trailer?  (Personally…it does nothing for me.  And from what I’ve seen on FB, I’m in the minority…)

We actually sat down and watched the original Star Wars movie last weekend – it had probably been 20 years since I had seen it.  And there was a lot I didn’t remember.  But that’s a topic for another post…

No giveaway this go ’round, mostly because I’m still trying to get all the already promised ones mailed out!  (This weekend, I swear!!)

Winner of last week’s This or That is H.B.!  H.B., please email me your mailing address!  (sara(underscore)sligar (at) hotmail (dot) com)

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3 thoughts on “This or That: Star Trek or Star Wars

  1. anonymous

    One of the reasons why you didn’t remember all the things you saw in Star Wars movies may have been that they weren’t there. Damn George Lucas keeps changing everything. You can even buy the unaltered versions of a decent quality. There are DVDs with both versions, but apparently the unaltered one is from a laserdic…

    • anonymous


    • Well, yeah, there was that bit, but the parts I’m talking about were story related, not just those little bits added in. I seriously didn’t remember the plot *at all*! 🙂

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