This or That: London or Paris?

You must pick one, and you must explain why.

I’m asking this one for myself, actually, having never been to either (other than driving to CDG in Paris – oy!). We’ve been considering a trip to one this year, but not sure which would be better/easier with a baby. From what I hear, Paris is smaller, everything is closer together, whereas London is very spread out. But in London, there’s less of a language barrier. Eating in Paris with a baby who’s bedtime is 7:30 will be difficult, since many restaurants don’t open until later.

So, what say you, readers, which city do you like more? Which would be easier with a baby? Let me know in the comments below, and you’ll be entered to win a 5×7 print of one of my favorite photos:

A view of Mont St Michel through the poppies

Mont St Michel, Normandy France


Last week’s This or That generated a lot of comments, and Coke is the clear winner! Kudos to Jay Dee for pegging the problem with Pepsi – it tastes like flat coke! The winner of the Northern Lights photo is Christie – Christie, I’ll get with you on FB to get your mailing address.  🙂

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8 thoughts on “This or That: London or Paris?

  1. London! Because then we can finally meet! Lots to do here! Actually though I do love both. I’ve only been to Paris once. It would probably be a bit warmer in Paris, and if you go, you must visit the Lido-unless you’re going with your little one of course (better than Moulin Rouge)

  2. Paris, although I’m bias, I’ve spent more time in Paris. But I think Paris has more of a romantic sort of beauty to it. And I find her people more beautiful and unique. Although I do love london greatly. It’s just more of a grand and proud city I find. But both wonderful cities!

  3. I’m from Canada, and I did both cities on a whirlwind trip a few years ago. Hands down, London.


  4. I haven’t been to London, but having been to Paris – I would absolutely take a toddler there. There is way less of a language barrier than you would think. Be polite and say a few words in French to make an effort and 99% of the people will immediately pick up that you speak English and will respond in kind. It’s a gorgeous city, easy to walk, easy to take the metro and get around, beautiful parks and lots of things for kids to do.
    As for baby J going to be early before restaurants open — perhaps you could stay in an apartment (that’s what we always do) and then you can make dinner by visiting the daily markets, boulangeries, etc. Save eating out for breakfast and/or lunch.
    My ideal would be to bring along a third adult (grandma?) that would have a paid vacation with the expectation that they babysit at night. 🙂

  5. Sally

    In my mind “from the block”‘s reply wins hands down ;-). Paris is sooo much easier, esp. with a babe. You can walk it, even with a stroller, whereas London is huge and getting around is far more tiring and takes time. You really need to use the Tube, a lot! I’d say London is great if you want to do culture – exhibitions, theatre, galleries – and hang around pubs and clubs at night, but with Baby J?? Paris is perfect for strolling around, window-shopping, parks, food markets, bateau-mouche… Anyway, bistros, pavement cafés, pizzerias… in the “touristy areas” all serve food throughout the day. You would have to keep more formal dining (think Michelin stars!) for a next trip though! Or get a baby-sitter, ex.

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  7. Megan

    I think you should do both….its and easy and fast ride on the Chunnel from Paris to London. I have done this and the train is comfy, its like an hour maybe (its been 15+ years) And agree that you would not have much language issues in Paris, most speak English. It is just so pretty and a different more romantic feel than London. Yes, London is romantic in its own way and super fun things to see there too. So this way you can do both easily. Love you guys! Miss you.

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