This or That: Coke or Pepsi?

You must pick one – bonus points for telling me more about your choice.

Me? I’m a Coke girl all the way. Most people I know are Coke people, and I wonder if it’s a regional thing. Where I come from, “Coke” includes all flavors and colors of the fizzy drink category, as in:

  • “Get me a Coke.”
  • “What kind?”
  • “Sprite.”  *actual conversation

Sadly, at some point in the last ten years, after moving out of Texas, I switched to “soda” as the all-encompassing category. Doesn’t make me less of a Coke person though. It’s my go-to medication for migraines and hangovers, and NO, Pepsi does NOT cut it. Not even close.

Is Monopoly money ok?

So what’s your choice: Coke or Pepsi? Leave a comment below by next Thursday and you’ll be entered to win a 5×7 print of this photo, taken on our recent trip to Lapland (where I had a hard time finding a Coke, those darn Pepsi people…):

Northern Lights

Winner of last week’s This or That is Tracie!  Tracie, email me your address and I’ll get that photo sent out to you (I also have a little something else for you!).  sara_sligar at hotmail dot com

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11 thoughts on “This or That: Coke or Pepsi?

  1. Debbi

    Coke, of course!

  2. Jenny

    Coke all the way!

  3. Christie young

    I too am a coke girl! Funny story, when I flew through Texas all they had was Pepsi at the airport. I refused to drink anything because pepsi? Ew!!!! Pepsi taste so sugary sweet to me I just don’t like it. I always joke that I should have bought stocking Coke years ago.

  4. I’m a Coke person. Pepsi is only okay if there is no alternative. I don’t like Pepsi anywhere nears as much as I like Coke because Pepsi gives me a bad aftertaste, and I think it’s far too sweet. Actually, Pepsi tastes like Coke left out for a couple hours. Yes, Pepsi tastes like flat Coke to me.

    • Yes!! That’s exactly it! Pepsi tastes like flat Coke! I had never put that together before.

      • Really? I always thought that. It struck me when I had some Pepsi one time many years ago that it tasted just like the Coke I left open a bit too long.

  5. Coke. Pepsi is too sweet! Plus, Coke goes with everything — whiskey, rum… 🙂

  6. Jennifer Desjarlais

    I would have to choose Coke but need a shot or 2 of whiskey added to make the perfect drink. Pepsi is a no go for any occasion except maybe in a survival situation.

  7. anonymous

    Coke. With sugar. No sugarfree stuff, no HFCS, real sugar.
    I can see why people like Pepsi, because it’s so sweet, but Coke, being less sweet, has a bit more nuanced flavour to it and is better if you’re thirsty.

    I remember having tried Schweppes Cola once. It had a slightly cinnamony taste, AFAICR. I’d like to try it again sometime, but I have a feeling that’s not going to happen.

  8. i’m going to be a total shit here and say…. i have no business commenting on this one because i haven’t drank either in 20 yrs…… but i will say…..

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