This or That: Chris or Liam Hemsworth?


You must choose one, and you must explain why. But you can put whatever spin on it you want (Which is cuter? Which is a better actor? Which would you rather see thrown off a cliff?). Personally, I think Liam is hotter than Chris. Like, list-worthy, if I actually had a list. Stephen and I were discussing this the other night, and he asked why – they look the same to him. I pulled up a picture, and he’s right. When you compare their eyes, or their nose, or their mouth, they look the same. I don’t know what it is, but I think Liam is WAY hotter. I think it might be the slope of the shoulders – Liam’s are a bit more square (Chris is beefier, which I think causes some shoulder sloping). Or maybe I just like darker as compared to blond. I don’t know. But I prefer Liam. So what’s your choice, Chris or Liam? Let me know in the comments – everyone who comments will get entered into a drawing to get a lovely postcard from Beautiful Finland! 🙂
*Winner of last week’s postcard will be announced next week, since we’re traveling this week.*
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