A mom, trying to eat breakfast

Don’t you hate it when you go to do something – say, eat breakfast.  And the bowls are all in the dishwasher, so you take one out and then you figure you might as well empty the dishwasher.  Then some of the tupperware is still wet, so you empty the dish drainer and put the wet tupperware in it to dry, because you don’t actually want to take the time to towel dry it.

Then you check on the baby, who has been playing quietly for several minutes so of course he must be into something.

Then the dryer buzzer goes off and you decide to go ahead and fold the clothes, so you don’t end up fluffing them again.

Then you need to change the baby’s diaper, and the diaper pail is full, so you take the bag out, then you might as well collect the rest of the trash in the house and take all that out.  And while you’re in the bathroom, you might as well clean the sink.

Now the baby, who is learning to pull himself up on the furniture, has fallen so you need to comfort him, and, well, you might as well nurse him again.

And an hour after you took the bowl out of the dishwasher, you wonder why the hell you’re so hungry, didn’t you eat breakfast just a little while ago?

Empty Bowl

Apparently not.

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4 thoughts on “A mom, trying to eat breakfast

  1. HA!!! ALL THE TIME! not the baby part though.
    i think sometimes how funny it would be to have a camera filming how i cook and clean and go about my day. ADHD!!!! how i ever finish anything is a miracle but i am very productive i just get very sidetracked… such as now!

  2. This made me laugh because that is EVERY DAY in my house. And Jon will come home from his morning appointment and he’s like “you’re just now eating breakfast? what have you been doing all morning?” and then he gets the mom glare and he never asks that question ever again. 🙂

  3. anonymous

    Might I suggest that while doing a planned activity try to imprint on your mind what you’re currently aiming to do before you respond to an emergency? That way, once you’re done, you might actually remember what you were doing before you rushed off elsewhere. Assuming you’re not trying to multitask too much, that is.

    • You can certainly suggest it. Jen, Tracie, and friends on Facebook who commented that they have the same problem, please take note of the suggestion, as well! And best of luck to you all! 🙂

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