Happy blah blah and all that blah

2015.  We’re as close to 2030 as we are to 2000.  Mind boggling.

I had one of those moments a week or two ago, where I wondered what kind of world my son will live in when he grows up.  Will half the world be under water due to climate change?  Will he live in a dystopian society, a world ruled by cruel dictators or conservative religious fanatics or zombies?  Will he even learn to drive, or will we have fully automated cars by the time he’s old enough?  Will there be cars? There’s so much I want him to see – will those things still exist?  There’s so much I want him to do, but will he be able to?

Bah, enough of that.

It’s funny, the difference a year makes.  Last New Year’s Stephen and I rang in the new year on the Vltava River, watching the sky over Prague light up with fireworks set up by thousands of different people.  This year we were asleep at 10pm.  I guess it’s not so much the difference a year makes, but the difference a baby makes.

Fireworks over Prague

Fireworks over Prague

Once, years ago, when I was living in Denver, I had the chance to celebrate New Year’s with Cartman.  THE Cartman, the guy the character is based on.  At least that was the story I got.  Anyway, a friend was in from out of town, his friend knew the guy, and we were going to go out to dinner then over to Cartman’s house to celebrate “New York New Year” – 10pm – as Cartman had young kids that had to go to bed.  Alas, dinner ran late, and we missed the opportunity to meet the guy.  Would have been a cool story. (The other part of the story I got is that the guy Cartman is married to the woman the character Wendy is based on.  So there’s your South Park trivia for the day.)

We were actually in the States for New Year’s Eve – we were there for almost three weeks over the holidays.  We got to see family and friends, Baby J got passed around and loved on, and Stephen and I took care of some business, like dental cleanings and bank visits and such.  It’s always interesting, going back to the US after having been away for a long period of time.  You notice things you wouldn’t have noticed before, you revel in certain things, you curse certain things.  Compare, contrast, etc.

I’ve had a serious case of monkey mind lately – so much I want to say and write and discuss, but a definite inability to form coherent thoughts and sentences and posts.  I need to work on that.  It’s not a goal.  Don’t call it a goal.

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5 thoughts on “Happy blah blah and all that blah

  1. great post, though the first line scared me!!

  2. happy blah blah sara! hope 2015 is good to you!
    bummer on the near miss of cartman. still a good story though.

    i’m the same way on visits back home the contrast.
    it always hits me first… shit you people talk a lot and fast. all.the.time. but i am glad for the visit, i’m finding the longer i am away that i don’t much fit in there any more though.

    • Ha – I remember the first time I went back to the US, and I was in Target and this guy nearly bumped into me, and he said, “Oops, sorry,” and I turned to Stephen and said (stage whisper), “He’s talking to me.”

      • I KNOW!!!! isn’t is so weird!
        last fall on my visit, a random woman walked up to me and told me how cute my shoes were and i was like a deer in the headlights. it FLOORED ME. didn’t even know what to say.
        we know that would NEVERRRRRRR happen here. never.
        STRANGER DANGER! hahahah

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