My love for the ocean, a Holiday Rental in Asheville, and other random things

I was born in Southern California. We moved away when I was 7, so I can’t really say I grew up there, but I kind of did a little bit. Regardless, we went back a lot to visit, and I will always have a little bit of SoCal in me. It’s what gave me a love for the ocean, I’m convinced of it. I’ve always said my favorite smell is the smell of the sea, the sun and the “tourists covered in oil” (a little Jimmy Buffet influence there). Every time we went to the beach after a long time away, I eagerly anticipated that first glimpse of water. You could usually smell it first, the salt, the smell of rotting seaweed. Then you would suddenly notice an absence of anything on the horizon, just the vast nothingness of the sky. Then, there, was that it? Just the briefest glimpse of the horizon, the subtle difference of blue on blue. Yes, there. The ocean. Just thinking about it make a slow smile spread across my face. I’ve always been enamored with the waves. I could sit on a beach and watch the waves roll in for hours and be perfectly content. I remember an ex of mine saying the same thing about the mountains -“couldn’t you just watch this all day?” I looked at him like he was crazy, because that’s what I thought he was. Watch mountains all day? They don’t do anything! The ocean moves, it dances, it sings. It destroys and cleanses and gives and takes away.  Mountains erode.  Slooooowwwllllyyyyy.

Its amazing how good you feel after feeling bad. Sunday morning, just before my yoga class started, I started getting a headache. I fought building nausea throughout the class, and by the time I got home had a full blown migraine. I nursed Baby J for ten minutes, then thrust him to Stephen, said “Take the baby, I’m going to lay down,” heated a small bottle to get the baby through to the next feeding, and collapsed into bed. About an hour later I got up and felt much better. And kept realizing how much better I felt, so that I just felt so good all afternoon. It’s much the same with the nipple issues I was having. There are times when I suddenly realize, “Hey, my boobs don’t hurt.” When you’ve become accustomed to persistent  pain, realizing there is an absence of pain is a wonderful thing.

It annoys me to no end when I’m looking for a product or service online and I can’t find a price. Example 1 – I’m looking for a photographer to do a family photo shoot while were back in the US. So many photographers don’t have any sort of pricing on their websites. Guess what? I’m not going to call to find out your pricing. I’m going to find a photographer that has their pricing on their website. You lose a potential client. Example 2 – I’m looking for a birthday present, and found an interesting “experience” gift. No pricing. Guess what, that right there tells me it’s likely more than I want to pay. And even if it’s not, I’m not going to call to find out. You lose a potential sale. <end rant>

My friend Jen just listed her carriage house on airbnb, and it’s gorgeous! If you’re looking to vacation in Asheville, I highly recommend contacting her. The listing is here, and she gives you a tour on her blog here. She also has a bunch of Asheville links on her blog, so be sure yo check those out! And if you go, give Jen and Jon and Miriam a hug for me. 🙂

I highly recommend reading this piece on kindness. It’s a long read – settle yourself in someplace comfy for half an hour. It’s worth it. You might want to bring a tissue along.


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7 thoughts on “My love for the ocean, a Holiday Rental in Asheville, and other random things

  1. love our randomness!

    water girl too. growing up in michigan, it just becomes a part of you. not an ocean, but the great lakes are pretty great minus the salt and sharks. 🙂
    i’ve only lived once where i was landlocked. i have to have water near by! so i get that need and could watch all day thing.
    watch a mountain…. erode… slowly! ohhh that was good stuff!

    migraines. suck. just suck.

    if you were in the nashville area i have a fabulous family photographer… with prices. geesh what’s up with the non pricing thing. seems just list the prices so everyone knows what they’re dealing with. why waste both parties time.

    my god that story. sooo good. weepy damn good.

    • I know there’s a spot on one of the Lakes (Michigan, I think) where people actually surf. I read that years ago and have always wanted to go there!

  2. I love the ocean, but also clearly a mountain girl. 🙂 I guess sitting on a deck/porch watching the mountains…the trees swaying, the birds, the breeze…I get it. 🙂 If I’m ever super rich, you better believe I’m dividing my time between the mountains and the beach!
    I’m super annoyed when websites don’t have pricing either. What’s the point of the website?!
    And thanks for including our rental! It’s been pretty busy already – hope you guys get to see it one day!

    • Well, I guess I should note that the conversation about watching the mountains took place above treeline, so there were no trees swaying, or birds. I kind of get what you’re saying, though. But still, I want the ocean! 🙂

  3. Hi! I just found your blog (followed a link, then another, then another, and here I am…). I spent 7 years in Southern California (Irvine and RSM, to be exact) and two of my three daughters were born there. The eldest remembers it fondly, the two born there just like saying that they are from California. 🙂 But they all love the water and the beach.

    I just moved to Helsinki a couple of months ago. I keep reading expat blogs to find things to do and to see how their experiences either differ or are similar to mind. Lovely blog, I look forward to reading more of it!

    • Glad to see you here! Hope to see you around more! First I have to blog more… 🙂
      Oh, just went over to your blog, have yet to look around, but Hi from a neighbor! My other “from” is Texas. 🙂 I lived there from 7-early 20s.
      Going to go poke around your blog now…

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