On being forty-ish, and more about my nipples

I was thinking about this woman who works in the post office, and trying to describe her. Short blond hair, fortyish. Then I realized that I’m almost 40…but I don’t think of this woman as being near my age, more like ten years older. So then I got to wondering, do I look that old? I don’t mean old as in old, what I mean is, when someone describes me, do they say fortyish? I certainly don’t feel fortyish – not that it’s a bad age. It just kind of takes me by surprise sometimes, that I’ve been around this long. It goes back to the whole idea that high school graduation was 20 years ago, and that I still think the 90s were the last decade. Basically, my brain skips the 2000s. So in my head, I’m ten years younger than I am. Is this normal, or am I weird?

After the utter failure of the Magic Sleepsuit, I’m re-purposing it into a Halloween costume for Baby J. I originally wasn’t going to dress him up, because it would only be for me (and the grandparents) – he certainly doesn’t care. But we’ve now been invited to a Halloween party, and I came up with an easy costume, so why not. Photos to follow…

I am officially ready to say: MY NIPPLES ARE HEALED! Fully! I’m so excited. I took a two full weeks off from nursing Baby J on the bad side, and a third week of part time nursing on that side, and I saw dramatic improvement. I still had a crack, though, that wouldn’t heal. I finally tried nursing him without the My Brest Friend pillow, and lo and behold, the crack healed. So evidently we had a latch issue only on the right side, and only when using the nursing pillow. Even though the latch looked okay and felt fine. Go figure.

Burt’s Bees. People love this brand, I know. Years ago I bought some lip gloss and was completely turned off by the smell – slightly crayon-like, with some burnt plastic thrown in. Never bought any other products, not necessarily because of the smell, just…because. Well, someone gave is some products as a baby gift, which is wonderful, and of course it works great. But, yeah, the smell is still there.

I’m rather liking the random thoughts posts.  Rather than do separate blog posts about each different thing popping into my head, they all just go into one post.  And I can actually then publish fairly quickly!

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2 thoughts on “On being forty-ish, and more about my nipples

  1. Jenny Pogue

    I recently realized I was that “older” lady in the office to the girls who are 10 years younger than myself. When I was their age I thought the women my age were so much older and wiser. I hope the wiser part is true. Not so much for the older part. When did that happen?

    • Haha – YOU are the “older” lady?! Jeez. And yeah, I’m with you on thinking women my age were wiser. I sometimes feel like I still have the “wisdom” of a 20 year old. I keep thinking, gosh, I feel way too immature to be nearly 40…

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