On unfriending, being a commie, and “magic”

I have facebook friends that have political and religious views that are vastly different from my own.  Usually, their posts are somewhat benign, and I can just shake my head or roll my eyes and move along.  A month or two ago, I ended up unfriending someone for a political post, one that I found distasteful, ignorant, and offensive.  It didn’t bother me to unfriend this person, because it was someone I once worked with and was never really friendly with.  Never liked the guy, actually.  Now another friend has posted something that I have a hard time ignoring.  I’ve actually always liked this guy – we went to school together, and we hung out a lot.  And I’m really on the fence.  I mean, this post was even more ignorant and offensive than the last one, and I’m actually kind of angered by it, that he believes what he posted.  I almost never engage in scenarios like this, it just feeds the fire, but I wanted so badly to go, “Seriously, dude?  How stupid do you have to be to believe that?”

I believe I got judged for my mothering skills last week.  I’m still smarting over it a little.  I don’t feel like I did anything wrong, and I’m quite pissed that this person acted like I did.  Whatever.  May have been the first time, but won’t be the last.

Conversation in our house this week:

  • (Movie with Tom Hanks)
  • Me:  “What movie is this?”
  • Stephen: …
  • Me:  “Fine, don’t tell me.”
  • (Apollo mission mentioned.)
  • Me:  “Oh, Apollo 11.”
  • Stephen:  “Apollo 13.”
  • Me:  “Whatever.  I never saw it.”
  • Stephen:  *wide eyes* “That’s un-American!”
  • Me:  *shrug*  “We have it on DVD, don’t we?”
  • Stephen:  “I don’t think so.”
  • Me:  “Yeah, you lent it to your coworker.”
  • Stephen:  “That was From the Earth to the Moon.”
  • Me:  *shrug* “Same diff.”
  • Stephen:  “You commie bastard!  Now I know why you like to watch that show.”
  • Me:  “What, The Americans?  Yeah, them’s my people. Why do you think I wanted to move to Finland?  I get to be close to my home land.”
  • Then I pointed out that obviously I wasn’t Russian because I would have said “mother land” rather than “home land.”
  • Then I got tickled. Because that’s the kind of punishment he doles out.

We got the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit last weekend, and used it last week for naps only. After five days of crap naps I wasn’t seeing much magic, or sleep, for that matter. Baby J had been taking two 2-3 hour naps early in the day, followed by a couple of catnaps; with the Sleepsuit he slept 45 minutes on the dot, every single nap. Still, I was excited to try it out at night. We’ve been swaddling his arms in a sleep sack, and he had been sleeping pretty well lately – about 4 hour stretches. But we really need to get away from swaddling. So Saturday night we gave it a go – I didn’t want to do it during the week and disturb Stephen’s sleep more than needed, and we didn’t use it Friday night for…medical reasons. Anyway, Saturday night was a disaster. I was up out of bed ten times in seven hours. Baby J seemed to almost be having nightmares – he’d scream and cry and I would cradle him, and he was instantly asleep, fine. Then twenty minutes after laying him down he was screaming again.  I think we may have missed the window on the suit.  It’s good for muffling the Moro reflex, but baby can still move around in it, and it gets baby used to sleeping with his arms out.  Well, Baby J is strong enough now to move quite freely in the thing, so rather than having issues with him startling awake, his unrestricted movements *keep* him awake. Of course, that doesn’t explain the crazy nightmares he was evidently having. Regardless, we need to stop swaddling, and we’ll just need to suffer for a while until he gets used to it, I suppose. But not with that blasted suit. It’s going in the next bonfire I see.

Today’s going to be a rough day. I got about three 1 hour stretches of sleep last night, after the night of Sleepsuit hell, so I’m going to be pretty drained. And we’ll be on the go out of the house from 9-3, so no chance for me to nap, and he will likely only catnap. I might fully swaddle him tonight (he only had one arm swaddled last night) so we can both get some sleep. Or maybe we’ll go to bed at 5pm… (Yeah, right – he refuses to go to bed until 9pm, regardless of how her we try.)

 (Edited, because of course I said Apollo 11, which was incorrect, and of course Stephen said Apollo 13, which was correct.)


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3 thoughts on “On unfriending, being a commie, and “magic”

  1. anonymous

    Well, *certain* “news” outlets do provide a worldview that is completely disconnected from reality and the only proper way you are allowed to think about it. People who follow them for any other reason than for cynical and tragicomic entertainment end up being very angry at and extremely misinformed on just about every aspect of the surrounding reality, including actual facts and the acceptance of them and any notions of independent thought.

    I wish I could tell you the productive way handle the situation you described, but I’m afraid I will have to settle on being happy that I don’t have that problem – possibly because I don’t have ties to the USA or Russia. I think you should still point out that you disagree (and the merits of by which you do), because certain kinds of people (especially the kind I described) tend to view silence (of any sort, including stunned) as full agreement and a full confirmation of their argument, making them even more outspoken, fanatical and deluded.

    • “People who follow them for any other reason than for cynical and tragicomic entertainment end up being very angry at and extremely misinformed on just about every aspect of the surrounding reality, including actual facts and the acceptance of them and any notions of independent thought.”


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