Memories from my youth

It’s funny how random memories from childhood will hit you. I remember having a slumber party and being amazed at how fast one of my friends could pee. The time she went into the bathroom to the time she came out, 37 seconds. Odd that I remember that number. I remember sitting outside on the sidewalk in front of Kristy’s house, eating macaroni and cheese, listening to the Beastie Boys tape, watching Lamont ride a bicycle with no bike seat up and down the street. I remember desperately wanting to do this ribbon ceremony performance at the high school, and getting to school extra extra early to sign up, and finding out my friend, who said she didn’t want to do it, was already there to sign up. I was so mad at her, but I can’t remember which friend it was (luckily we both got to do it). I remember spending the night at Christy’s house, eating cold brisket from the fridge at 2am while playing checkers on a chess board. I remember setting Alicia’s rug on fire by spraying hairspray on it and torching it with a lighter. God, we were stupid, but at the time we thought it was cool.

All of those memories are from a two year span in elementary school. I have crazier ones from middle school. Sneaking out of the house numerous times, only getting caught once. My mother was livid. One time, we were walking through an alley at 3am and there were these flashing lights in a back yard. “Holy shit it’s a UFO!” I said. Kevin wrote that in one of my yearbooks, years later. I remember walking home two miles from middle school, singing and dancing to “Stop In The Name of Love” and dreaming about one day becoming a lawyer and driving a Miata. We would stop at the 7-11 halfway home and buy slurpees and play video games. I remember sneaking a picture of Steve on the last day of school – I had such a crush on him, but he was a year older and so cool and didn’t know I existed, I’m sure (although we’re now FB friends, so maybe he did).

And, ah, high school. Driving out to The Reservoir and drinking (probably Boone’s Farm). Someone throwing fireworks into the bed of the pickup truck and Andy falling out, landing face first on the pavement. We were probably going about 30mph. I will never forget the look on his face. Getting up the nerve to ask Casey out, only to have him express interest in my friend (I was crushed!). The after-prom at the hotel. The after-Graduation at the hotel. My friend Tommy buying me a bottle of Goldschlager, me taking one swig and saying, “I have to get drunk before I can drink this!”

Crazy memories. They all make me smile, every last one of them.

If you knew me in my younger years, what memories do you have of me?  (Be kind, please!)

What memories do you have that make you smile?

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