Can I finish a post?

Baby J has been napping for shit lately (20-30 minutes every 2-3 hours or so), so I’ve had less time than normal.  He’s been sleeping great at night, though (generally 7 hours, though we’ve gotten an 8 and a 9 hour stretch out of him), so I guess I shouldn’t complain about the naps?  Except, he’s cranky as hell during the day because he’s tired.  So, yeah, it’s been a rough couple of weeks.  Mix one part 12-week Wonder Week, one part round of vaccinations, and one part 3 month growth spurt, all within 3-4 days of each other, and what do you get?  One tired and cranky Mom.  Oh, and a tired and cranky kid, too.

He had been breaking free of his swaddle, so I had been attempting to not swaddle him.  We’ve switched him to a sleep sack with one arm out (sometimes two, if he can wrangle it free).  Today, I gave up the battle and swaddled his cranky a$$.  And you know what?  He’s been napping for over an hour.  Score one for Mom.

Except, I know he’s going to wake up any minute now, and I’ve known that for the last 45 minutes, so I’ve been in this limbo, not wanting to start anything I can’t put aside at a second’s notice.  I scarfed down a lunch, even though I wasn’t very hungry, because I didn’t know if I’d get another chance.

So much to do.  But instead, I’m just waiting for the *grumblegrumble* “Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” that will come.  Any minute now…

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