This is how it works – if I don’t put up a blog post in a week, I get spam comments.  “Great site, so much information…”  blah blah blah.  My goal right now is to blog once a week, but it’s harder than it seems.  Baby J hasn’t been napping well lately, and since naps are generally when I get stuff done…

Stephen and I were watching some Australian cooking competition show where pairs of people compete.  You know, like “Married” or “Sisters” or “Co-workers.”  There was this one pair labeled “Potential In-laws.”  Now, I know it’s semantics, but “Potential In-laws” is not the same thing as “Future In-laws.”  One says they will be in-laws, the other says they might be.  Like it’s a try-out or something.

We went to Helsinki last week to take care of Baby J’s citizenship and passport paperwork.  It’s a three hour drive, and we worked it out perfectly.  I fed him right before we left, he slept most of the way there, then I fed him when we got there.  He slept most of the way back, I pumped in the car, and we stopped about an hour from home and gave him a bottle.  Minimal fuss.  We should have his passport in the next month or two.

I broke my tablet.  😦  It fell about two feet, from the TV stand to the floor, and I guess hit the corner.  The lower quarter of the screen is unusable.  So I can still use it, I just have to keep rotating the screen, depending on what I need.  But then I went into an app that won’t rotate, and I can’t hit the home screen, so I guess I need to attempt a hard reboot to make it go home.  Luckily, it happened just in time to order a new one and have it shipped to the in-laws, so they could bring it with them when they came to visit.  Literally, if it had happened ten hours later that would have been impossible.  Silver lining?

I’ve got some thoughts brewing about a particular social phenomenon right now, and I really want to do a blog post on it.  I hope that happens in the next few days – I have three extra people this week to help with Baby J, so I have hope!

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3 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. I shall preface this by saying it’s not a spam comment. Haha!

    I think what you say and the ‘potential’ and ‘future’ is quite right indeed, although I wouldn’t have given it much thought myself at the time.

    Isn’t it nice when you have extra pairs of hands to help out with your little one?! I look forward to this post you are talking of, I think I know what phenomenon you are talking of but we shall see if I’m right.


  2. anonymous

    Spam, spam, spam, spam
    Spam, spam, spam, spam
    Lovely spam, wonderful spam!

  3. Ah, so that’s why I’ve been getting so many spam comments lately. I think my blog got stuck on a list a few weeks ago because I got like 70 spam comments in one day. Annoying!
    I would think for the “potential in-laws” classifier, why not just say “girlfriend’s parents”? It’s a weird category!

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