Best Photo Ever

We have this photo from our wedding:


That’s not the “Best Photo Ever,” although I love it – it’s one of my favorite photos from our wedding.  I was pooped, and sat down on the couch, and Stephen came over and kissed me, and cameras started flashing.

I wanted to recreate a photo from our wedding with Baby J, and this one immediately popped into my mind.  It was completely doable, and didn’t seem odd.  Like, say, holding him while feeding each other cake.  So when we finally got around to taking some family photos – or, more to the point, when we finally had someone around to actually take some family photos (thanks, Sis!) – we took several with me on the couch holding Baby J, and Stephen bent over, kissing me.

And then magic happened.

07202014 Family Picture 4

Just look at the look on Baby J’s face!  Could it have been any more perfect?!

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2 thoughts on “Best Photo Ever

  1. BEST pictures ever!!!! complete magic!!!! so sweet!

  2. oh, that face is darling! what a perfect moment.

    hope things are getting a bit easier!

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