a month on

I think it goes without saying that it’s been a difficult month. I spent five days in the hospital, followed by five days of home health visits three times a day (more on all that later), while trying to also deal with a newborn. Then we spent a week packing, then a week moving, then a week unpacking. I was hoping this week would be the start of some normalcy. Maybe it is, if “normal” includes 1 free hour in a 24 hour period to do housework/chores/something other than deal with a hungry or screaming baby.

I knew my life would change, but I had some hope of having more time than I do. Time, at least, to write in a journal or blog or just have a bit of Me Time. Instead, I haven’t even had enough time to take all the photos I wanted to take, and believe me, I’m hearing about that from the grandparents.

We’ve had some rough times with feeding and sleeping, as all new parents and babies have, I’m sure.  Some latch issues early on, and some serious nipple pain on my part, and of course the hours of inconsolable crying in the evening (not all of it by Baby J) have taken their toll, but I have some hope that things will be turning around soon.  Heck, the fact that I can even finish this blog post (after working on it for a week in short bursts) tells me something has improved, even if it’s only for a day.  With luck, it’ll last.


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5 thoughts on “a month on

  1. oh sara! wishing you some relief! so good to see your post though! it does get better, but sure is hard to see right now, but it will!
    *i started a new blog. i have disabled my old personal blog (a happy little life) so if i don’t look familiar… it’s still me 🙂 http://beetsandbirch.blogspot.fi/

  2. Dad

    Three more days till your mother arrives and THEN you can relax? Take some walks with Kat, with Mom, alone… allow them to help you regin some of that me time.

  3. Oh Sara. I wish I was there to help out!! I cannot imagine spending the first month postpartum dealing with a move on top of everything else.
    Did the latch & feeding issues get sorted out? It’s a huge learning curve right now, it’s new to both of you and it’s frustrating and exhausting. BUT…it really does get easier. You’ll find your groove, as will Baby J and you’ll find that you do have time to yourself. Case in point, my 1 year old is crawling around the house, babbling and making a mess while I read blogs. 😉
    The first 8-12 weeks were the toughest for me (and chatting with other friends, it seems to be the case for most mamas and babies) and it will be over before you know it. I remember my friend telling me this “oh yeah, it’s tough for the first 12 weeks or so” and I was thinking “are you kidding me??? i have another 2 MONTHS of this?!” but it really flew by and every day got easier.
    Hang in there!!!

    • Latch and feeding issues are getting better – still hit or miss on the latch, but better.
      I love the whole “This time is the worst, it’ll get better.” Seems each time period is the worst! I think the truth is, “The first 18 years are the hardest, it’ll get easier when he goes off to college.” And even that’s probably not true…

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