We’re moving!

I have news!  With the baby coming, we’ve been trying to get into a larger apartment.  We’re currently in a two bedroom apartment (photos from when we moved in here), but we use the second bedroom as an office which makes it too small to use as a guest room.  We have a small bathroom and a tiny kitchen with limited cabinet space, no dishwasher, a tiny freezer, and essentially no counter space.  With baby coming, we were offered a larger apartment – a chance we jumped at.

We have friends who have been reassigned to Paris, and we were planning on moving into their place – a two bedroom with a separate office, a second toilet, and a much larger kitchen than we currently have, complete with dishwasher and larger freezer.  We were hoping to move in April, possibly early May – we were just waiting for our friends to get their French visas.  However, as the weeks wore on, our friends were still waiting for their visas, and we worried we wouldn’t be able to move until after the baby’s birth.  We looked at a couple of other apartments, neither of which met our needs.  There were many larger places opening up at the end of June, when the end of the school year allowed several families to move back to their home country, but who wants to move with a newborn?  (For that matter, who wants to move when they’re 9 months pregnant?)

Well, our friends finally got their visas, and they are moving this weekend.  We could be in as early as June 11th.  However, if we waited one more week, until the 18th, we could move into another place that would be open.

As a reminder, my due date is June 15th.

This new place is a row house (what we in the US might call a duplex), newer than our friend’s apartment and a little bit nicer, more like what we would be accustomed to in the States.  It’s two stories, three bedroom, with a large half bath/laundry room downstairs, and a half bath and separate shower/sauna upstairs.  It also has a large kitchen with a dishwasher and two (two!) refrigerator-freezers.  Plus a lovely deck and yard, a yard that is tended by someone else (no mowing!).

So we made the decision to take the row house, rather than our friend’s apartment.  Now it’ll be fun to see what happens – either I give birth early/on time and move with a newborn, or I give birth late, after we move – a move which will likely trigger labor.

All I can say is, if I give birth before we move, I hope I don’t have a c-section.  Moving will be difficult enough after birth – I’ll be completely useless if I have an incision.

I’ll post photos of the new place after we move in – possibly as part of this “blogging every day until baby is born” – unless, of course, I go into labor before I can get the photos up!

Baby J update – 11 Days to go! I’m blogging every day until I give birth, so you’ll know when the baby is born!

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