Thoughts on blogging

Blogging, to me, has always been a very personal experience.  I’ve always looked at it as journal, but one that I may not share my innermost thoughts with.  Instead, I’ve always tried to share thoughts and experiences that others may be able to connect to.  Kind of “You are not alone.”  And, of course, it’s an easy way to communicate the more boring aspects of life to friends and family, the things you wouldn’t necessarily email or call them about.

I’ve kept a blog for more than five years, probably closer to 10, though obviously this one is not that old.  The one I had before this is simply another piece of my life, another chapter.  Although part of me hated to leave it behind, I felt like that was very much a different me.  A me that I moved on from, a me that no longer existed, even though that me made me the me I am today.  Regardless, my blog has always been about me, about what’s going on in my life, about what I want to talk about.  That, to me, is the very core of the blogosphere.

If you read anything about how to write a blog or, even better, how to monetize your blog, you’ll discover the emphasis on niche.  In order to make money, to attract followers, to make it into a business, you must write within a specified set of parameters.  You should have a blog about Finance, or Movies, or Crafts.  You should have a Mommy Blog, or a Writing Blog, or a News Blog.  Although I would love to be able to make a name for myself blogging, I could never pocket myself into any niche other than “Me,” because narrowing it down to one thing seems so boring to me, so anti-blog.  There are people who do it, and do it well, and I appreciate the work they put into them and subscribe to a lot of those blogs, but the format is simply not something I can do.  I’m way too scattered, my mind is always in a million places, and I want to write down my thoughts about all of them.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post.  I have 49 drafts sitting in my draft folder, half written ideas, random notes, things that I would love to get back to but that require more than just typing some words and hitting publish.  Because although I refuse to give in to the commercial aspect of blogging, I still want my posts to mean something, to be well formed and conversational and communicate with people, to be polished and not just crap.  That’s why I’ve never done much in the way of blogging challenges, why I have a hard time forcing myself to blog “three times a week” or “every Friday” or, like lately, daily.  I hate doing posts like I’ve done the last two days, minimal effort, worthless, posts that no one can connect to and that aren’t reflective of my niche – me.

Still, I will continue to do a blog post daily until Baby J is born – I just hope they are of better quality than the last few days.  It’s something I’m committed to, and besides, I’ve already had one person ask if I had had the baby when I hadn’t posted by noon US time.  Hopefully I can flesh out some of those draft posts I have, or find some interesting writing prompts that require some thought, but not too much.  And it will probably help if I get the post written before Stephen gets home, before dinner and the lethargy that comes in the evening.

Or maybe this kid will come early and I won’t have to worry about it much longer!  🙂

Baby J update – 13 Days to go! I’m blogging every day until I give birth, so you’ll know when the baby is born!




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