10 things I can’t wait to do again

  1. wear my wedding ring
  2. drink wine
  3. sleep on my stomach
  4. paint my own toenails
  5. take a long walk without needing a toilet along the way
  6. eat smoked salmon
  7. eat sushi
  8. not think about what I can and can’t eat
  9. put on my shoes without getting winded
  10. drink wine

Baby J update – 16 Days to go!  I’m blogging every day until I give birth, so you’ll know when the baby is born!

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5 thoughts on “10 things I can’t wait to do again

  1. So I thought Europeans were supposed to be more laid back about what you can and can’t eat/drink during pregnancy? My midwife said there wasn’t anything I couldn’t eat or drink as long as I practiced moderation.
    I also like that you have drink wine on your list twice 🙂

    • Not Finland – I feel like they’re actually stricter in their guidelines than the US. I did my own research and decided on what I felt was best for me. I’ve had a sip of beer here and there, a few tiny glasses of wine, but no liquor. I’ve tried to stay away from the “bad” foods, but I haven’t stressed if I accidentally eat something that’s off limits. So I’ve had a tiny amount of raw fish, smoked salmon, etc, just when I’ve been out and eaten things and not realized what it was until after the fact. I’ve actually stayed away from cooking fish, for the most part, because the Baltic raised fish are WAY off limits for pregnant women, and there’s often too much of a language barrier at the grocery store to find out where fish comes from. I also can NOT eat steak well done, so while it hasn’t been the lovely warm pink I love, it’s still had some pink in it. But I also don’t eat it very often because of that. I figure, giving up blue cheese and goat cheese and smoked salmon and all that other stuff for 9 months is a small sacrifice. I’ll be making up for it soon!! 😀

  2. anonymous


    You lack ambition: This is Finland after all.

    • Yep – where wine seems to be more economical than beer or liquor!

      • anonymous

        I stand corrected. That’s an acceptable reason – provided you also optimize the alcoholic content/price ratio i.e. buy the cheapest kind with most bang for the buck regardless of taste.

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