The Nursery

Anyone want to see our nursery?


No, seriously, that’s it.  The box on the bottom is the baby’s bed, and is currently filled with baby clothes.  The box on top holds everything else – diaper bag, diapers, thermometer, aspirator, etc, etc.  Stroller(and car seat) to the left.

You see, we’ve had plans to move for several months now, just waiting on a new place to become available.  We were hoping to move in April, or early May, so we didn’t set any of the baby stuff up, figuring we wouldn’t need it until after we moved.  But here we are, end of May, still waiting for a new place, and baby is due any time in the next 3-4 weeks.  Currently it looks like we’ll be moving in early July.  Nothing like moving with a newborn, right?

I need to go ahead and unpack what I can – the clothes and diapers.  I have an empty drawer in the dresser that I’m hoping will be big enough for that stuff.  We’ll see.  And unpacking the clothes will free up the baby’s bed.

Even once we do move, the “nursery” won’t be much – temporary housing and all that.  No real decorations, and the bare minimum with furniture and things.  The kid won’t know the difference!

Baby J update – 19 Days to go! I’m blogging every day until I give birth, so you’ll know when the baby is born!


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2 thoughts on “The Nursery

  1. Mary

    You are so right. The baby won’t care. I used to get jealous of some of the pictures of nurserys that I saw until I saw what one of the mom posted on FB in one of my mommy groups. She talked about how it made her sick how much time she spent on it. The kids were toddlers and every time she tried to put them in their room for a nap they would trash it. I’m talking blinds ripped up, drawers pulled out and torn apart, clothes everywhere, etc. I think our little ones would be BIG trouble if they did that, but she made me realize the pristine nursery is more for the mom then anybody. The kids don’t care.

    • Yep – so many moms want the perfect nursery, then the baby ends up sleeping in the room with mom and dad. Seems a waste. I’m not sure what I would have done if we were back in the States. I probably would have done a nursery of some sort, but I don’t think I would have gone all out. Besides, the room will just have to be redone within a few years, probably, as the kid grows out of babyhood. I’d rather wait until the kid can actually remember!

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