We had quite the warm front this weekend.  It was probably about 80F outside, but there was no breeze.  So the apartment, which of course doesn’t have air conditioning, was a sauna. (Ha, a sauna! In Finland!)

Anyway, I spent most of Thursday and Friday, and all day Saturday, trying to stay as still as possible.  Sewing made me sweat.  Washing dishes in hot water was torture.  I covered different parts of my body – shins, thighs, arms, chest, neck – with a cold washcloth, then removed it, enjoying the feel of evaporation.  We had fans going, windows open, and I was miserable.

So miserable, in fact, that I broke down Saturday night around 8pm.  “Please, Stephen, it’s so hot, make it cold!”  I was crying.  “I’m sorry I’m crying.  I know it’s stupid, I know I shouldn’t be crying over this, but I’m so bloody hot.  Please make it stop.”

Hey, I’m pregnant, I’m allowed to cry over the heat, okay?

Stephen, meanwhile, was like, “It’s not that bad.”  He blamed my overheating, as well as the tears, on the hormones.  Whatever, I don’t care.  Blame it on whatever you want, just make it cooler!!

Thank God, it got a bit cooler yesterday.  Temperatures dropped a bit, we got a breeze, and it was tolerable.  Then, last night, a COLD front blew in.  Saturday night I’m sleeping naked without even a sheet, and last night Stephen closed all the windows, cut the fan off, and covered the bed with blankets.  So, yeah, local people?  You can blame me for the cooler weather.

According to, the high on Saturday was 84F. Today it was 59.  It felt so freaking good!  We have a fan in the living room that shows the inside temperature.  On Saturday it read 29C (about 84F).  This morning it read 17C (about 62).  The temperature in our living dropped 22 degrees Fahrenheit in two days!

Obviously it’s silly to have air conditioning in Finland.  Sure, it occasionally gets warm, but it normally only lasts for a few days, then it’s tolerable again.  If you had a/c, you’d probably use it less than 10 days total for the year.  Still, I wouldn’t have minded it this weekend!  I can handle a day of it, but after the second day I actually start getting ill – headache, nausea, etc.  It happened last year in Sicily – one of our hotels had no a/c and a single window that opened into what can only be described as a heat well.  After two days, the only thing that made me feel better was getting in the car and turning on the a/c.

At one point, Stephen said, “Just think if we were in Texas this time of year.”  My response?  “We’d have the air conditioning on!”

Baby J update – 20 Days to go! I’m blogging every day until I give birth, so you’ll know when the baby is born!

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6 thoughts on “Hot/Cold

  1. Delfiina

    >Obviously it’s silly to have air conditioning in Finland.

    Weeeell, that’s debatable :p

    My husband and I sprung for a nice big one a couple of summers ago, even though it’s traditionally not something many Finns have. The last 2-3 summers have been intolerably hot for us, and we figured that even if we use it for only two weeks out of every summer it’s still worth it. Maybe it’s our apartment but it gets so ridiculously hot, especially if we use the stove for even short periods. And our overheated pets especially appreciate lying in front of the magic cold machine to bask in the cool.

    • Well, if we were to live here for the rest of our lives, we would probably go ahead and buy something. But since we’re here just temporarily, it seems a waste. Meanwhile, I’m jealous – can I come over during the next warm snap? 🙂

  2. Cindy Gardes

    Yeah, I hear you! Saturday we drove to Naantali for lunch and a look around…beautiful. However, driving there and back with the sun forcing its way into the front windows of the car was not the time to find out–the air conditioner does NOT work, blows warm air. And yes, the duplex, especially upstairs gets very warm. As of yet, we have no fans. But, I really feel for you. With both my pregnancies we had no air conditioning. The baby maker was baking. Now I am cold…but I would rather deal with that 🙂 . Take care!

    • Yes, Naantali is lovely. We have a problem with our car when the weather gets warm – the heat on the dashboard causes the temp gauge to go haywire, and it’ll blow hot air. Maybe that’s the problem with yours?

  3. anonymous

    I hate to tell you, it’s not the hormones – it’s the added body mass:
    The heat simply won’t evaporate as easily.

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