25 weeks! (Pregnancy so far)

24 week bump

24 week bump

We’re over the halfway mark – hard to believe.  It’s funny – as nervous as I was in the beginning, I don’t feel nervous or scared or anything now.  Give me a few more weeks, and I’ll probably start panicking!

I’ve been feeling pretty well, overall.  Slight soreness around my middle as the baby grows, but no stretch marks yet, at least that I’ve seen.  I’ve been having some trouble sleeping over the last month or so.  At first I was able to blame it on jet lag, after coming back from the US, but now it’s more of a physical discomfort.  Sleeping on my sides has made my hips hurt like crazy – it’s usually worse on the side I lay on, so pillows between the legs don’t really help.  I guess it’s my hips loosening and widening.  Regardless, I have a hard time getting comfy in bed.

I still don’t have any real cravings.  I was hoping to get some in the US while I was there, so I could actually get what I was craving, but I’ve been oddly uninterested in food, overall.  Oh, I still get hungry and I still eat, but nothing really sounds good to me, and there’s nothing that I really want.  At least, most of the time.  I have wanted (though still not craved) milkshakes.  But nothing other than that.

Although I had quite horrible ankle and leg swelling on the flight back from the US, I haven’t had much since.  Luckily, I’m not stuck on my feet or at a desk all day, and I move around a lot during the day, getting up to do laundry or dishes, sitting at the desk for a while, walking on the treadmill, sitting down to relax.  I haven’t had to take my ring off yet, my fingers are still about the same size.  My face is too, evidently – at least that’s what a friend of mine here said.  She said usually she can tell when someone’s pregnant, but I didn’t have any facial swelling, so she couldn’t tell (early on, before I started showing).

Speaking of showing, boy howdy am I now.  Before I went to the US, I was basically just chubby – my growing uterus just pushed all my fat pockets up and out, so it was really less “bump” and more just “belly.”  At that time, I would catch a glimpse of my stomach and instantly suck in.  Now I definitely have a bump, and I forget the thing is there sometimes.  I keep trying to squeeze behind chairs and I bump the kitchen counter.  There is no sucking it in and making yourself smaller to fit a small gap.

With the development of the Bump, it has become quite clear that I have a coat issue.  I can still (barely) zip up my long down jacket, which I wear most of the winter, but I can’t bend at the waist at all, even to get into the car.  My short down jacket, which I generally wear when it hovers around freezing (which is has been the last few weeks) still fits my belly (barely), but if I zip it up over my boobs I can’t breathe.  My wool coat, which I generally only wear when we go out to dinner or something, is officially past the buttoning stage, unless I want to pop one of the buttons.  I looked around town the other day, hoping to find a cape-like/poncho-like winter coat on sale, but no luck.  I’ve worked out a solution, though, and can’t wait to share it with you – I’ll be posting about that soon!

I’ve had minimal side effects and discomfort overall, I think.  No acne, no linea negra, no skin discoloration.  I’ve had some heartburn, but it hasn’t been bad or constant.  I often have trouble breathing, though – when I put my boots on to go outside, I need a minute or two to recover.  I’ve had a bit of lower back pain, usually when I do the dishes then cook dinner, spending 2 hours hunched over our too-low counter to do both.  I still get some round ligament pain, although it’s much better now than it was a month or two ago.  I had some serious headaches in the first trimester, but they’ve become less frequent now.

We got a little taste of our future life a few weeks ago.  We picked up a pack & play (and some other items) from a friend, and watched as she did the “pack” part of the pack & play.  Holy Engineering, Batman!  Then we had to load everything in the car.  A ten minute process, easily.  I think Stephen was a little stunned at how much time he’ll be spending on the packing and hauling of baby and baby things in the future.

We’re still working on a name.  One old wives’ tale is that if you have a name for a girl picked out, but you’re struggling for a boy’s name, you’ll have a boy.  Well, this is one old wives’ tale that rang true for us.  I have two girls names written down, and one is crossed off.  We had that one picked.  But we were and are having troubles with the boys name.  We have a middle name, and we just need the first name.   It’s more of a rhythm issue at this point than anything else (that and I don’t want it to end with an “n” sound, and you’d be surprised at how many names end that way).  We’ll get there eventually…hopefully before the baby is born!

I keep considering cloth diapering, but then…I get an ick factor.  If we lived in the US (and I was staying at home) I would probably do it, and get one of the services to clean the diapers.  But the idea of laundering at home…I don’t know. I keep reading it’s totally okay to just throw the diapers in the wash, but I can’t get the idea of dysentery/typhoid/etc out of my head.  Someone please tell me how ridiculous I’m being, and provide facts.

Okay, TMI time!  This kid kicks low.  Really low.  And he really loves my cervix.  Sometimes I think he’s headbutting me there, and I’m like, “Not yet, mister!”  Sometimes when he kicks me in the cervix I feel it in my throat, like a punch.  A couple of times it’s made me gasp.  On the plus side, my boobs look *spectacular*.

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4 thoughts on “25 weeks! (Pregnancy so far)

  1. Mary

    We were going to do cloth diapers as well. My sister-in-law gave us some of her old ones, but they were too big. We kind of got used to disposable ones since that is what the hospital used and some of our friends gave us disposable as baby gifts. I always thought cloth was better for the environment but some of the things I read talked about how much energy and water is used to wash them. A lot of cloth diapers are expensive too. We would have been okay since my sister-in-law gave us some. By the time those were able to fit the babies, we just decided to keep using the disposable ones. I read a bunch of things going back and forth about which is better and all the reasons. I think it just comes down to what is best for your situation and what you feel comfortable doing.

    • I’ve heard cloth diapering with twins is insane, so it’s probably good you went with disposables! Of course, cloth diapers are great for other uses, too, so one can never really not need them if they have them. 🙂

  2. I missed the “we’re having a boy!” announcement…but you are, right? That’s exciting! We had Miriam’s name selected pretty early but couldn’t figure out a boy name. Good thing we didn’t have to decide. 🙂

    I had some cravings later on — bagels were something I wanted all the time and then in the third trimester I was melon — honeydew, cantelope, watermelon. I ate SO much of that stuff.

    I remember the hip pain. Oh boy. It’s amazing what your body can do — expanding and squeezing and making space for this growing baby but I do remember feeling achey there towards the end. And I didn’t have any stretch marks until about 33 weeks and then….like a rock shattering a windshield. Haha. I sort of love them though.

    As for cloth diapers, if you are breastfeeding you can just throw them in the washing machine. Breastmilk poop is water soluble. If you do formula or add in solids, you’ll need to spray it off into the toilet first and then wash them. We had every intention on cloth diapering but when it came down to it, disposables were easier and once you’re in the middle of all the other changes that come with being a new parent, we cut ourselves some slack and let some things go. Plus the disposables they make now are so unbelievably absorbent that we never have leaks. My friends that cloth diaper complain about that all the time — lots and lots of diaper changes.

    • Yep, it’s a boy. See what you miss when you’re not on FB? 😉
      I know the poop is water soluble, I just can’t help thinking of little pieces of it floating around in the washing machine and getting on everything in the next load. Which is ridiculous, I know – I mean, they say there’s feces on just about everything, certainly underwear and sheets, and I don’t think about that. It’s just that you can see it on the diaper, I guess, as opposed to on your underwear. Ugh – just my brain being stupid.

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