Random Post

  • I’ve been trying to get a Barcelona post up all week, but the Tech Gods have been against me.  However, I think I’m finally done, so keep an eye out for a bunch of Gaudi architecture photos!
  • Stephen enjoys “watching” old mysteries like Agatha Christie.  I put “watching” in quotes because I don’t know how much watching he actually does.  It’s more background noise.  Anyway, Murder, She Wrote is now on Netflix, so he’s started watching that, and I’ll catch an episode here and there.  My favorite part is the very beginning, when they show the special guest stars.  You never know who you’ll see on one of these shows.  (Neil Patrick Harris, Courtney Cox, and many more faces and names that you recognize.)  It really is good background noise – there’s no serialized story line to follow week to week, and you know (roughly) how the mystery will unfold.
  • I’m both looking forward to and dreading my impending trip to the US.  Of course I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends, being able to shop among familiar stores and brands, and eating food I can’t get (or are not quite right) here in Finland (Mexican!  Chinese!  Five Guys!  I would normally say “Sushi!” but…).  However, I simply dread the trans-Atlantic flight, especially now.  I’m usually a window-seat fan, and I simply hunker down and zone out.  But I’ll need to try to get an aisle seat this time, since I’ll need to get out of my seat a lot (bathroom breaks, and to stretch my legs).  Being cooped up into a tiny airplane seat for eight hours is never comfortable, and I can’t help but wonder how much worse it will be while pregnant.  Anyone want to pay to upgrade me to first class?
  • I’m already horribly behind on my walking goal for the year.  I’ve been good about getting on the treadmill, but I get so bored so quickly.  I’m hoping once we get the treadmill desk set up, it’ll get better.  Right now, I’m watching video on my tablet while walking.  I’m averaging about 12 kilometers a week, which puts me at 624km if I continue this pace all 52 weeks of the year, which I know I won’t.  That’s way short of my 1160km goal.  I need to pick things up.  It would be so much easier if I could run, but my knee is even worse now than it was over the summer.  😦
  • I was laughing last week during the “Polar Vortex” consuming the US – it was warmer here in Finland (about 35ºF) than a lot of the US.  My laughter is coming back to haunt me this week, as winter has finally settled across Finland.  It’s been about 0-5°F, and the snow is here to stay, I think.  And unlike in the US, the temps will not be up to 60F next week.  😦
  • Still haven’t felt the baby move, so I often have to remind myself that I’m pregnant.  Especially when I catch a glimpse of my stomach and it’s not where I expect it to be.  Putting on socks and shoes has gotten uncomfortable – and I know it’ll only get worse.  Whee!

Pretty pictures coming soon…

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