2014 Goals


I don’t make resolutions.  Haven’t in years.  I do, however, make goals, which I guess some people could say are the same thing as resolutions.  Whatever.

I try to make sure my goals are relevant to my life, necessary, and achievable.  I make a few of the same ones each year – write more, blog more regularly, etc.  But the ones I really pay attention to are the ones that will truly make an impact on my life.

This year will be interesting.  I’ll be giving birth in June, and I know that the weeks leading up to that and the months afterwards will be difficult.  It will be harder to get daily goals done, to focus on anything outside of the baby.  So I’ve been very cognizant of that in making this year’s list.  I have a couple of goals that specifically need to be done by the end of May, and I expect my remaining goals to evolve after June.  Flexibility is key.

Without further ado:

  • Get all photos organized, backed up, and loaded to sharing site.  I’ll be loosely following this great tutorial from lil blue boo.  (pre-baby goal)
  • Complete pre-baby craft list, which includes things like a diaper changing pad, burp cloths, and a few long-standing sewing crafts. (pre-baby goal)
  • Write a short story a week based on a specific, personal writing prompt. (Also, as usual, write more in general.  I’d love to say Finish A Book, but I’ve said that several years running now, and I know better…)
  • Create photo books for 2010 (when I did a photo a day), our wedding, 2012, and 2013.  Get started on a book for 2014.
  • Walk/run 1160km (720 miles) on the treadmill.  This is the length of Finland (southernmost to northernmost points, per Wikipedia).  I think this is achievable.  That’s 3 miles a day for 240 days, allowing me plenty of time off as I need it.  Plus, I’ve always loved the idea of walking “across a country” or state or whatever.  I want to find a huge map and hang it on the wall and actually track my progress.
  • Organize all online accounts, cancel those not needed, change passwords, etc.
  • Update my blogroll and links.
  • Organize baby boards on Pinterest. (pre-baby goal)

QFY – are there pre-baby goals I should add to be sure I’m ready?  Also, what are your goals?

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4 thoughts on “2014 Goals

  1. About goals – I appreciate you set them, and you want to accomplish a ton, that’s what I did as well, and I guess every pregnant woman does. I worked as much as I could while pregnant, and it was great. I only wish somebody would really get me understand that the priority was healthy me and baby, and by healthy me and baby I mean getting enough rest before and making sure you work on how to get through delivery process and how to get healthy afterwards. I wish I’d spent more time making things like yoga, acupuncture, swimming, talking with friends about options, getting help with baby. My pregnancy was/were pretty smooth so I completely ignored the “after”, running my work and my projects, and forgetting to learn how to care about myself. I wish I’d talk more about labor issues and options, about relaxing techniques, because its something that needs practice in advance. So get as much infos about as possible and care about yourself and your baby. I know it sounds somehow blurry, but it all pays off in terms of your own sanity and happiness of your whole family.

    • Yeah, I’ve been looking into prenatal classes online, since they don’t have them in English here. Plus, I plan on talking to friends about the whole process. It seems, though, that the options here aren’t nearly what they are in the US, regarding delivery options and birth plans and such. Which is kind of nice, I think – less to have to think about!

  2. Take some time for fun and relaxation – “me time” before baby. Not that you can’t do it afterwards, but it does take more prep and scheduling to do what is so easy now. I would say don’t spend too much energy planning for baby stuff — nursery, supplies, etc. You need some clothes, some blankets, some diapers, a place for it to sleep. But you don’t need much and I wish I had invested less energy in that before Miriam arrived.
    I love your goal of walking across Finland. I think I’m going to steal that. It’s a good visual.

    • Trust me, planning on the bare minimum for baby stuff, since we should be moving back to the US around the 6-7 month mark. Another thing I’m kind of glad for living over here – less to think about! 🙂 The crafty stuff I have planned is either basic baby stuff (burp pads, changing pad, etc) or half-finished (half-started) craft things from before – a pillow, a bathing suit cover up for my sister, etc. Nothing, I don’t think, that will take a lot of time and effort. (I decided to hold off on attempting to quilt for a couple of years…) 😀

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