Sum Sunday – October 27, 2013


  • It’s still Sunday somewhere, right?
  • There’s been a lot going on around here, and my attention has been centered on other things.  I will get the remaining Barcelona posts up soon, though, I promise!
  • Seriously, I’ve been a little out of it the last couple of weeks, so this Sum Sunday is just going to be one long list of stuff I want to share.  🙂
  • My friend Jen actually turned me onto the blog Wait But Why, and I’m so glad.  The author recently traveled to North Korea, and posted “20 Things I Learned While I Was In North Korea.”  I found it fascinating.
  • Intangible concepts to a blind person:
  • This video of cats stealing dog beds has been around, but I still love it:
  • How about this adorable video of ducks going down a slide?
  • And some Potty Talk from a 3 year old (“Holy! That poo will overflow the toilet.”):
  • We’re planning a trip to Vienna and Prague in December – to be specific, we’re going to spend Christmas in Vienna!  I can’t wait to experience the Christmas markets and all the lights and the beautiful sights, both in Vienna and Prague.  I’m also planning a day trip to Bratislava, just an hour away from Vienna.  I wanted to fit Budapest in, as well, but it’s just not going to work.  Oh, well – we’ll just have to go to Budapest during a long weekend!  🙂
  • It’s getting colder, and some people already have their studded winter tires on their cars (we had ours put on this past weekend).  We haven’t had snow yet, but we did get a couple of graupel showers last weekend.
  • It’s also getting darker, and our time changed this past weekend.  We’re currently getting about 9 hours of daylight right now, when the clouds aren’t covering the sun, but that will diminish rapidly until winter solstice.  But then, the days will start getting longer, which will feel awesome.
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