Slow Oven Steak – Personal Kitchen Challenge #18

Massive FAIL on this one.  After the great success of the sous vide salmon from the Modernist Cuisine, I decided to try their method of slow cooking a steak in the oven.  The instructions were to use a strip steak, about an inch thick, for about 5o minutes.  I got fillets, about an inch thick.

It took two hours.

I finally just made the sides and we ate that for dinner.  Half an hour later, we finally had some steak.

Let me just state that this was a fail on my part.  Well, sort of.  The key, I believe, is having an in-meat thermometer, so you don’t have to open the oven to check the internal temperature.  Every time I opened the oven to check the temperature, the heat escaped, so it took longer.  At least, I think that was the problem…

I’m intentionally challenging myself in the kitchen, working with new ingredients, attempting more challenging dishes, and doing it all while grocery shopping in a foreign language.  Read more about my Personal Kitchen Challenge here.

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