Sum Sunday, August 18, 2013


  • You know the stereotype that men are big babies when they’re sick, but women still take care of business like nothing’s wrong?  Well, not in this house.  I’m the biggest whiney-butt when I’m sick.  I lay there, I moan, and (although it hasn’t happened yet) I’m totally the type to call Stephen in from the other room because the remote control is 5 inches out of my reach.  I’m not a good sick person.

Writing Progress:

  • Monday – Woohoo!  Got 2048 words today.  I’m going into my fourth scene, and I’ve already had a character kind of take over.  The sheriff showed up, and he was supposed to be mean and hateful and intolerant of the main character, and instead, he’s still nursing a crush from high school.  Don’t know what to do at this point, because he can’t be the romantic lead.  So maybe he’ll just end up being a best friend type…
  • Tuesday – Only 797 words today.  Stephen stayed home from work, and I always have a little bit harder time writing when other people are around. Don’t get me wrong – it was nothing he did.  He’s very good about encouraging me to write and giving me the space to do so.  It’s just my own mental problem!  🙂
  • Wednesday – More brainstorming today, working out who the antagonist is and what he/she/they want.
  • Thursday – I got nothing done today, because I spent most of the day asleep on the couch.  Being sick kind of screws with your imagination…
  • Friday – Sunday – See above.

What’s Making Me Happy this week:

  • Alka Seltzer effervescent cold tablets.  And Nyquil.
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