Sum Sunday, July 14, 2013



  • Say you have a flathead screwdriver in your hand, but then you notice that you’re dealing with a Phillips screw.  Why do you now need to change to a Phillips screwdriver?  I mean, the flathead screwdriver will still work (assuming the tip isn’t too wide for the screw).  I never really understood that.  Of course, I’m just as likely to use a butter knife for all my screwing needs…  (Oh, wow….)
  • After listening to a podcast this week where they talked about the movie The Heat, I’m dying to see it.  It doesn’t come to our local theater here until the end of September.  Boo!

Writing Progress:

  • I’ve been doing well this week, keeping up with the Magic Spreadsheet, writing every day.  Yes, indeed…
  • I’ve been reworking a story idea I had years ago – wrote about 15-20k words with my usual MO (strong beginning idea, no middle, rush to the end).  So far, I feel pretty good about it.
  • Random crazy search terms this week:  “Hot Mexican Men,” “Popular Handguns,” and “DEA information.”

What’s Making Me Happy this week:

  • I’m really happy I’m not in the US right now, to be perfectly honest.  Between the abortion circus in Texas and North Carolina, the recent Supreme Court decisions, and the Zimmerman trial, I’m quite glad to be thousands of miles away and not have to hear about it nonstop.  It’s bad enough hearing the bits I do hear…
  • On the flip side, I’m quite happy living in Finland.  According to this recent article in The Atlantic, Finland is home to “people who have for decades opted for equality and security over keeping more of their paychecks.”  I think that’s kind of boiling it down too much, but I’ve often noted that this is more of a “What’s best for everyone” state than a “What’s best for me” state.  The article goes on to say that Finland is “inarguably one of the world’s most generous – and successful – welfare states, the country has a lower infant mortality rate, better school scores, and a far lower poverty rate than the United States, and it’s the second-happiest country on earth.”  There are arguments that Finland has a smaller population than the US and is much less diverse, in terms of race, distribution of wealth, and political views.  All of this is true.  But it’s a damn good country to live in, regardless.

What’s making you happy this week?

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2 thoughts on “Sum Sunday, July 14, 2013

  1. Marion Salm

    Summer in Finland is awesome. Festivals, like the Rauma Blues and the Pori Jazz. Muse in Helsinki at end of July..friends, informal get togethers, parties, friendly people from everywhere in the world…. I love being here in Finland.

  2. anonymous

    You can also stick one of the corners of the flat head in the Phillips screw to turn it. But to answer your question, if it the screw is tight (or has to be tight), you’ll just ruin it by not using the right screwdriver.

    FTR, a smaller country (by population) just means less resources and that is comparable to most of the individual states. The low population density is what makes it expensive and it’s lower in Finland than in all but 13 low-population states.

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