Sum Sunday, June 30, 2013


  • Stephen’s parents arrived on Monday, and we spent a few days around Rauma before taking the ferry to Stockholm, which is where we are now.  Leaving tomorrow morning for Helsinki, looking forward to more good times!

Writing Progress:

  • *snort*

What’s Making Me Happy:

  • I went out to the Woodland Cemetery in Stockhom yesterday and spent a few hours walking around.  I was at the top of this hill and I saw a deer walking through the headstones.  I didn’t have my zoom lens with me, so I took a photo, hoping I could crop it down if I needed to, then ran down the hill and over to where I saw the deer.  I walked through the hedges, took a photo.  Took two steps, photo, photo.  Three steps, photo.  I figured I’d do that to get as close as possible without spooking the deer.  As it turned out, I could get pretty close – I could have probably gotten closer than I did, but I didn’t see a need to.  He kept his eye on me, but continued munching on the flowers on a grave.  It was very cool.

Deer in Cemetery 1

Deer in Cemetery 2

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