Sum Sunday, June 23, 2013

(A few days late, because our internet wasn’t working so well…)


  • I’ve really sucked at blogging lately, haven’t I?  Which is sad.  I have a couple of Sicily blogs half written, at least 3 kitchen challenges to post, a couple of crafty posts, and I still have half written posts from our trip to France and Ireland (a year later…).  I really need to get to posting…
  • I did an image search for “bread aisle” this week (another weird writer search) and this guy “Asher Roth” kept coming up.  Who the hell is Asher Roth?  According to wikipedia, he’s “an American born rapper from Morrisville, Pennsylvania.”  His debut studio album is titled “Asleep in the Bread Aisle.”
  • Is the use of third person pronouns in front of the person you’re talking about rude? By this, I mean something like the following scenario:  You and your spouse are eating dinner with another friend.  Friend says he likes your favorite TV show, which your spouse doesn’t like.  You turn to your spouse and say, “Now, see, he likes that show.”   I watched the MSNBC interview with Russell Brand and read several comments about it, and some people say that yes, this is very rude.  I do it all the time, and I’ve never considered it rude.  I’m wondering if it’s an American thing?  Or maybe it’s just a case of it being rude because you invited this person to the studio to interview him, and instead of talking to him you’re talking to other people. Please log your view on the poll:

Writing Progress:

  • Not much to report this week.  New story idea popped into my head, and I’m trying to decide what direction to go.  I know it’s wrong, but we have family in town the next couple of weeks, so I doubt I’ll get any writing done, mostly because my head is too busy with other thoughts.  We’ll see.

What’s Making Me Happy:

  • Is there anything in the world more uplifting than a baby (or two) shrieking with laughter?  These two are having entirely too much fun with their new found “toys”:
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