Rauma Water Jumping World Championship 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent Sunday afternoon at the Water Jumping World Championships here in Rauma. I had seen this event listed online a few months ago, and I knew I would have to check it out. I mean, people on bicycles jumping into the Bothnian Sea. It’s just one of those random things you rarely get the chance to see, you know? Apparently there were big name BMX people here, not that I would know any of them…

It was a fun day, we met up with some friends and watched a good show. I stuck my feet in the sea, and the water temperature wasn’t too bad. It’s probably getting close to 60°F. My feet weren’t immediately ice, which I took as a good sign, but I didn’t test it by going any deeper. Although, a few people did…

They had this cool…I don’t even know what it was. Like a Water Tron or something. Your feet and arms are strapped to these water jet packs, and a hose is hooked up to a jet ski, and when the jet ski driver revs the engine it provides the water power to propel you out of the water. It was apparently pretty difficult to master – we watched one girl struggle for 10-15 minutes before she was able to get up out of the water. I couldn’t help but wonder if my wakesurfing abilities would come in handy if I tried it, but for €200, I wasn’t going to find out.

AquaTron - coming soon to a theater near you...

AquaTron – coming soon to a theater near you…

Finally getting out of the water a bit-

Finally getting out of the water a bit-




After a cold dunk in the sea, a warm dunk in the hot tub.

After a cold dunk in the sea, a warm dunk in the hot tub.



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2 thoughts on “Rauma Water Jumping World Championship 2013

  1. Mary

    I posted this to my FB page a few weeks ago. I subscribe to this dude on YouTube. His videos are awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4Bm3cs9TFo

    • Well, that looks way more fun than just standing there, like what I saw! Of course, it also take a whole lot more practice, I’m sure. I love the flips and dives – so cool!

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