Sum Sunday – June 2nd, 2013


  • Why do people agree to correspondent interviews on The Daily Show when they know they’re just going to be ridiculed? Do they not know what The Daily Show is about (and which way they lean)? My favorites are the ones where the interviewer feeds the interviewees rhetoric back to them, and they do the whole “…*blink*…that’s not…I mean…What I mean is…”, and then they double down. Seriously, this show has been around long enough for them to know better. Unless they’re idiots. Which most of them probably are….
  • Those who know me know that I have a very odd, very specific fear. I’m afraid of driving over bridges over water. It’s not a fear of heights – heights don’t bother me. And I don’t know that it’s necessarily a fear of bridges, because highway overpasses and “mix-master” type bridges don’t bother me. But driving on a bridge over water – an expanse of water more than about 15 feet – is my irrational fear. Walking over it – not a problem. The water itself isn’t a problem – I love being in and on the water. I recently read an article that actually named this phobia – sort of. Gephyrophobia:  a fear of bridges. Now, to be clear, I don’t go out of my way to avoid them. I don’t have to take a tranquilizer to go across them. I don’t have a panic attack, at least not in the truest sense. I just get really tense and freak out a little, inside. It’s worse when I’m driving – I do better when someone else is driving. Probably because I can just close my eyes and not have to see it. The main problem, again, isn’t the height – it’s more a fear of being trapped in a car that is going under water. Is there a named phobia for that? Until there is, I guess I’m just a Gephyrophobic…

Writing Progress:

  • I spent a lot of the week working on the concept for the new book, working out the characters, the main plot line, doing a bit of research. I also wrote a short story that I really like, and it gave me some confidence again in my writing – something that I will admit had faded this year. I’m thinking about working on a novella, and self-pubbing that through Kindle Singles. Just a thought swirling around in my head right now, nothing more…

Photo of the week:  

  • Stephen and I went to the Rauma Water Jumping World Championship today out at the nearby campground. Bicyclists rode down a ramp and jumped into the sea. It was fun to watch, and I’ll be posting a few more photos later this week. Here’s one for now:
Rauma Water Jumping World Championship 2013

Rauma Water Jumping World Championship 2013

What’s Making Me Happy This Week:

  • GeoGuessr. It gives you a random photo from the google car, and you try to determine where you are. Some are easier (photo shows a “Welcome to Melbourne Australia” sign) and some are way harder (surrounded by trees). The higher your score, the better you did. I’m completely addicted.
  • Russian dashcams provide unlimited entertainment, but it usually involves scary crashes or meteors flying across the sky. I came across a different one this week, though, and it’s the “softer” side of Russia. I *love* all the big burly men stopping their car to help little old ladies and animals across the road (although the bit with the baby in the road freaked me the hell out!!).

What’s made you happy in the last week?

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