Childhood Chore Theory

Girl cleaning the house with a broom

I have a theory. (It could be bunnies.)  (Sorry, inside joke – let me know if you get it!) Ahem.  I have a theory.  The chores I hate now, as an adult, are the ones I was assigned as a child.  I think doing them as a child makes me hate them as an adult.

I hate dusting.  I would rather clean the toilet every day than dust once a month.

I hate folding clothes.  And putting dishes away.  (Many years ago, I was eating lunch next to a table of older ladies.  One of them said she would take one plate out of the full, clean dishwasher, use it, put it back in, and run the whole load again, just so she wouldn’t have to unload the dishwasher.  Right there with ya, sister.)

An alternate theory is that everyone hates these chores, including my mother, and that’s why I was assigned them as a kid – because she didn’t want to do them.

I don’t know.  What do you think?  Are there certain chores that you absolutely hate doing?  Are they the same chores you were assigned as a kid?


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6 thoughts on “Childhood Chore Theory

  1. Mary

    I wasn’t assigned anything as a child. My mom was a terrible house keeper and I just wanted my room to look nice. So I kept it up on my own. As an adult I hate cleaning, but I like a clean house. When I couldn’t stand on my feet for long while pregnant with the twins, we hired someone to come and do some light cleaning. Now the twins are here, I don’t have time to clean so I still pay her to come and clean. The only problem is that it is not cheap and she doesn’t clean as well as I would. I’m sure she would if I asked, but I’m sure it would cost more too. I plan on assigning the babies chores when they get older for several reasons one of which is that I just can’t do everything by myself. That and I don’t want them to be spoiled and not know how to take care of themselves.

    • I think chores are important, and I think kids should be assigned them. Are you going to assign them the jobs you really hate, so you don’t have to do them?

      Oh, and I just remembered – I always had to rake and bag the grass when my dad mowed the lawn. I *hated* that more than anything. I remember, when my sister was born, thinking how much I couldn’t wait until she was old enough to do it, so I wouldn’t have to anymore. Of course, by then my dad was paying someone else to do the yardwork…

  2. shadowbat

    My mum made us do chores but always let us chose which one to do so we felt we got away with the easiest one – good tactics from her in hindsight. So that can’t be the reason why I hate washing the dishes but nothing else not even doing the laundry by hand! Not that I like to do any of them but no hate. My guess is that I hate doing the dishes because I have to put my hand in that dirty water (never had dishwasher except for a couple months when my friends graciously allowed me to put my two plates in there).
    And I’m firmly on the side that kids should help with the chores, for helps sake and for learning too. I see lots of teenagers and adults where I live now who didn’t had to help ever and expect to be taken care of and are surprised when the fridge doesn’t fill itself or the bathroom isn’t clean for some unfathomable reason.

    • I used to love doing dishes by hand. I found it very meditative. It was just the putting away of those dishes I hated. Lately though, I feel like all I do is dishes (I generally have to do two loads a day by hand), so it’s not so meditative anymore…. I can’t wait to have a dishwasher again…ah, small dreams… 🙂

  3. Megan

    I think your theory is pretty dead on, my least favorite things to do are dishes and laundry, the big ones I had to do when we were younger. Of course the way I remember it, I ended up with all the crap chores and Stephen got clean the windows and dust the dining room….but it was long ago. I completely agree that I would rather clean the toilet than do dishes and that just does not make sense. I am fortunate that the MEN I live with are much more into dishes and laundry so I really don’t ever have to do them…except folding and I am ok with that if I don’t have to do all the rest!

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