Random Monday

On today’s agenda:  Coffee, Snow, Getting my hair cut, and a Circus Orphan.

Coffee:  I fully admit that I’m a huge freak when it comes to coffee.  As in, I can’t stand the stuff.  Don’t drink it, don’t like the taste of it (including ice cream and liquor form), and (the really strange one) don’t like the smell of it.  The few other non-coffee drinkers I’ve met have at least liked the smell.  Not me.  Hell to me is a coffee shop that actually smells like a coffee shop (I’m sniffing at you, Starbucks).  My husband is super nice about this coffee aversion of mine.  He used to wait until he got to work to have coffee, and only brew a pot on weekends.  He’s now gone a step further and makes instant coffee at home, so that way I at least don’t have to deal with a steaming pot of coffee.  Except sometimes he spills a few grains of coffee (and by “a few” I literally mean like 3) on the counter, and then later when I’m wiping the counter down they get “brewed” and smell and I want to gag.

Snow:  After a month of having a total of 2 clouds in the sky, constant sunshine, and the snow almost entirely melted, I woke Sunday morning, walked into the office where the blinds were raised, and said, “Huh, look, it’s snowing.”  We got a couple of inches of fluffy powder over the last couple of days, but it’s melting quickly, and I don’t think there’s any more in the near forecast.  However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more before summer finally settles in…

Hair Cut (part 1):  Today, after…8 months or so…I finally got my hair cut again.  I have always hated getting my hair cut, but I was never sure why.  I don’t have a fear of scissors or getting a bad hair cut.  I just always figured I never liked my hair all that much, so getting a haircut was not going to make things better.  The longest I’ve gone between haircuts was 18 months – I only went when I started noticing split ends.  Because of this, I’ve donated to Locks of Love twice – once 12″, once about 15″ (it measured over 12″ in a braid).  Today, I got about 2-3″ taken off, and I finally realized why I hate getting my hair cut: I hate small talk.

Hair Cut (part 2):  However, my hairstylist today was very nice.  He’s Finnish (of course) and I simply must share the funniest thing he said to me today.  He was talking about the only place he’s been in the US was New York, and he liked it, but the one thing he had a hard time with was that everyone talked all the time.  I had to laugh.  Of course it makes sense.  Finnish people… don’t talk a lot.  So I’m sure being confronted with people who talk a lot, and about nothing, at that, would be very difficult to get used to .  It’s just that it’s the complete opposite from what we Americans have to get used to here in Finland.   

Circus Orphan:  A good friend of mine back in the States is a film producer/director.  The last couple of times I’ve seen him, he’s been telling me about this project he’s been working on, a documentary film about a circus performer from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My friend has been so impassioned about this project, it’s a real labor of love, and he’s been working on it for about 6 years now, I think, essentially out of pocket.  But now he’s got a fundraising site on indiegogo to raise money for post-production and to get it to the festival circuit.  The documentary follows Anton VonOstendorf, a world-class trapeze artist.  From the website:

Anton didn’t grow up your typical boy from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  

After following Anton VonOstendorf for six years of vagabond circus travel, we knew we had to share his story. Our feature-length documentary, Circus Orphan, begins as Anton stumbles onto his first trapeze rig. It is clear he has found his calling. Soon, as one of the best flyers in the world, Anton has everything going for him.

The artist has found his medium, his profession and more profoundly, his purpose. He quickly recognizes that performing is his destiny but his story is so much more than just circus tricks. What makes a man give convention the finger and follow his dream with such a passion? In the traveling gypsy life, there is a fine line between dreams and nightmares. Anton finds that the circus life can be just as challenging as climbing the corporate ladder in mainstream America and as every flyer knows, eventually you fall.

We began following Anton in 2007 with no idea where his story would take us. From the beginning of filming we found Anton’s story incredible and knew we had to share it with the world. Now six years later, we are ready to bring his tale to the big screen. The story of his chase to reach his dreams and the path he took to get there will delight, shock, sadden, and amaze. This is your chance to be a part of the experience by helping us tell his fascinating story.  

Here’s the trailer:

If you enjoy documentaries, if you love the circus, if you love trapeze, if you want to donate, please visit the fundraising site for Circus Orphan and pick your perk, or just donate money.  Every little bit helps.

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