Deadline: May 1

I’ve been working really hard over the last couple of weeks to revise my current WIP.  My goal is to be ready to query agents by May 1.  What does that mean, exactly?  It means having the whole story written and revised to the point where I feel confident that it’s the best I can get it.  It means I am happy with the plot, the story line, the spelling and grammar, and the overall tone.  Ready for publication, even though I know that if I do get an agent and the book is snapped up by a publisher, I will still have a ton of edits to do.

As the deadline approaches, I will say I’m a bit daunted.

I’ve almost finished revising the first half of the book.  I feel it’s solid, and the word count is almost spot on (at 40k – I’d like a bit more, but that’s okay).

The second half currently has about 15,000 words.  (Compare that to the first half – you see how it’s nowhere near equal?  And how a 55k word book is not really a full length book?)

This is pretty much my MO, though, when it comes to writing.  All of my previous attempts at writing a book follow this same path.  I write the beginning, edit the hell out of it, but then I get to the end and I go, “This happened, then this happens, then this, The End.”  It’s like I run out of steam (or creativity).

Plus, I can’t help but rethink the story line.  I have three different tangents in my head – all basically the same plot, but different things happen in certain places.  And I can’t determine which story line is best.  The one that’s the most written, I suppose, but I keep thinking this other story line, Story Line B, might be better.

And this is part of why I’ve never finished writing a book.

Let’s be honest here.  I’ve had a year to “write full time.”  I’ve had the dream of not having to work.  I’ve always said I would love to be able to write full time, I’d have a book done, no problem, if it weren’t for that pesky day job.  And yet…

And yet, here I am, a year later, an incomplete book still sitting on my desktop.  What have I done with this time?  The book should be done by now.

But it’s not.  Not yet.  But it will be.  Come May 1.  Or else.

In other news…

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3 thoughts on “Deadline: May 1

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Many authors take YEARS to finish their stories. Or you can change it to a novella (like Shop Girl) and streamline the first half while beefing up the second half. Anything worth reading takes time to put together and some days you might get 5 pages, some days you might get 5 words. The important part is not giving up. 🙂

  2. I’m experiencing something very similar, yet my project is even LESS focused and WAAAAAY LESS done. In my view, you should feel great about what you’ve accomplished.

    This might be obvious advice for any writer (and easier said than done) but, if I’m stuck, I usually keep on writing. In other words, I allow whatever comes out to be absolute crap – until it isn’t. When something clicks and feels good, I’m inspired to keep on writing. And then editing takes care of the crap. It took me a long time to willingly write stuff that I know is awful (and I still struggle not to get discouraged in the process), but I think it’s really helped me. Anyway, good luck with it, and be proud of what you’ve already written!

  3. Thanks guys! I’m working on it…

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