Challenge Me – Short Story Challenge

I just found out about this cool writing contest where participants are given a writing prompt and have 24 hours to write a short story.  Alas, I missed the deadline.  So I decided to do it anyway!  And you can help.

Leave a comment with a writing prompt.  You need to include a genre, a subject, and a character assignment (example:  horror, travel, a dentist; see more examples here.).  I will pick a comment at random and write a short story using that writing prompt.

Don’t torture me, please!  😀

I’m going on a weekend trip, so you have until midnight your time on Monday (February 25th) to leave a writing prompt.  I will choose the winner on Tuesday, and write the story on Wednesday.  It will be posted by midnight my time on Wednesday.

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

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8 thoughts on “Challenge Me – Short Story Challenge

  1. Mary

    Horror/camping/a hasher 😉

  2. Jeff Hubbard

    Film Noir, Dust bowl farming, a truck driver.

  3. Jeff Hubbard

    Comedy, organ transplants, an Igloo cooler labeled “Daves Lunch! Hands Off!”

  4. Marion Salm

    Romantic Comedy / Ice / A Sexy (hot) man

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  5. Fantasy / Wine / An elderly woman

  6. Pam

    Comedy/ lost luggage/ Maid of Honor

  7. Thanks for the ideas, guys! All great fun, and I’m going to end up doing short stories with all of these over time. However, this time, there’s only one “winner.” I’m recovering from three long days and a lot of walking, but I’ll start writing first thing in the morning, and post the story (and thus announce the winner) by midnight tomorrow.
    Stay tuned!!

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