French Fries in the oven – PKC #11

Crispy french fries, minus the frying part.  The ultimate dream.  Well, okay, maybe not ultimate, but still, it would be nice, wouldn’t it?  Oven fries often turn out either thick and dry, or thin and soggy.  I have yet to find a middle ground.

So when I saw a pin on Pinterest promising crispy, “awesome oven fries,” I put it on my Kitchen Challenge list.

And guess what?  They weren’t awesome.  They tasted fine, and some of them crisped up nicely, but a lot were still soggy.  I’m not sure how, exactly, to get a happy medium.

crispy?  well, some are...

crispy? well, some are…

The original pin I used actually linked to Martha Stewart’s recipe for Italian fries, but I went with a basic salted fry.  One could say I didn’t follow the recipe directions, but I followed the prep directions, just not the flavoring directions.  I seriously doubt a lack of oregano and thyme caused the problem of soggy fries.

So, I decided to try again, doing a search online and using this recipe.  The results were a little better, but I still had some sogginess.  And I’ll tell you why.  It’s two-fold, really, although the second issue ties into the first.

  1. I think the true secret to crispy oven fries is that no one fry can touch any other fries.  Fries must be single layer, not touching each other.
  2. Fries must be turned.  And once turned, must remain in the single layer, not touching each other.

I succeeded in lining the fries up single file, not touching.  I resigned myself to having to bake the fries in two batches…as if that’s not a hassle.

The real problem came when it was time to turn them.  Individually.  And not have them touch.

I turned the Stephen and said, “This is summed up nicely by a certain meme going around:”


Seriously, who the hell has the time and patience to turn 100 french fries over individually and ensure they don’t touch?

Crispy oven fries will be forever out of my reach, as long as that’s the secret.

I’m intentionally challenging myself in the kitchen, working with new ingredients, attempting more challenging dishes, and doing it all while grocery shopping in a foreign language.  Read more about my Personal Kitchen Challenge here.

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6 thoughts on “French Fries in the oven – PKC #11

  1. There is an easier solution! Go to the blog “The Art of Doing Stuff” and then do a search for crispy oven fries. I have only made them twice, but they were AWESOME. And you didn’t have to turn each one. 🙂

  2. who the hell has time for that! seriously CRACKED ME UP!!!!
    i have tried many recipes people have RAVED about.
    latest example… ‘roasted cauliflower soup’ i followed the recipe to the letter. EPIC FAIL! waste of time and money…. who the hell has time for all that! hahaha

  3. I recall having better luck with sweet potatoes for oven fries, if you can find some. They were still far from perfectly crisp, but their sogginess was a little more forgivable without that disconcerting starchiness…Keep us updated! 🙂

    • I *love* sweet potato fries, and I have had better luck with them in the past. I think it’s a starch issue – I don’t think sweet potatoes are as starchy as regular potatoes. Maybe that helps them crisp up more, like carrots. Or maybe they have less water? Hmmm….

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