Oh Rauma is!

So, this video appeared on my Facebook Timeline today – a video filmed in Rauma, Finland, and it’s apparently “Oh, Rauma is so lovely” (to the tune of “When the Saints Go Marching In, if I’m not mistaken).  You can see a little of the town I live in:

Copied from the About section of the video:

Published on Feb 13, 2013

“Oh, Rauma is!” (2013) vowel: Tired-E: Ol niingon gotonas, Rauma snootaan / and known to all roads will take to Rome. / If you wanna learn opeks, but does not find a home here / is too close to the Turkuu or Poria. / Hollywood-campus minimetropolissa / Myllymäen spirit must pers moderate. to prove. / Siks ainoona I survived many lopettamissodista :/ ROKLii not be destroyed – I should reproduce it. / student is a physical entity / and some degree of social and psychological. / Can not Imagine Rauma without Semppuu, / I do not cook without Kulista, sleep without Sumppuu. / KELA decline in 70 months I cracked, / Opekkaalle badly, “Talvipäivii oottasin!” /tyrväätä solkkasin and all morkkasin / servaamatta longer I guess Whip and Molkkari. / Mise Mato: Oh, Rauma is. (Oh, Rauma is!)Oh, Rauma is. (Oh, Rauma is!) Oh, Rauma is so lovely. Semppu It is we, Fool, and Irma. Oi Rauma is so wonderful! Leesse MC Oh, man, Rauma is a wonderful gyl. / Have you no harm here timmi or obese. / all from the same line here left / , reserving some to rise to stardom. / Irma illegal already sumpit pihiseen. / I think I’ll sijottaa one euro still lihikseen, / when I only had time to Kulikseen / and supper he should go viel Jack’s gas sulikseen. / this feeling to you for so little :/ herd animal halikoulun corridor . / In the morning demo – today a few :/ today darraa little loiventavalle. / Again interim death univelta liver / and every time keltaset on the pull I have the energy. / Thanks Semppu, Irma and the Fool. / Thank you Rauma, thanks to Finland. / Juice Mato aka Front Side Olli Oh Rauma is. (Oh, Rauma is!) Oh, Rauma is. (Oh, Rauma is!) Oh, Rauma is so lovely.Semppu It is we, Fool, and Irma. Oi Rauma is so wonderful!PRODUCTION: Woody & DJ Junk directing, cinematography & EDITING: T.Thorström & E.Kortelahti THANK YOU: Jare Kilmister, Nea, Irma, Jack the Wave, Johnny Molcers, TimTim, Roman Candles, Ball Sempun 12-13, Kuppila, Jester Pub, ROKL, Kulinarium & 7MB © Handirap Vammala RY, 2013

I’m not sure if this is an automatic translation or not – I’m thinking yes, because there are still a lot of Finnish words that haven’t been translated.  And, of course, I’m not sure I completely understand it…

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2 thoughts on “Oh Rauma is!

  1. My thoughts on this – Rauma looks cold and no wonder you decided Finnish was beyond you. 🙂 Fun that you have a little video of your current town to share! I should youtube Asheville and see what I find…

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