Shrove Sunday Fun

Shrove Tuesday here in Finland is the same thing as Mardi Gras is in the States…at least, in the religious aspect, in that it’s the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.  Here in Finland, according to wikipedia, the day is “generally celebrated by eating green pea soup and a pastry called laskiaispulla (sweet bread filled with whipped cream and jam or almond paste).”  So, yeah, not quite the same party that Mardi Gras is!

This past Sunday, the Sunday preceding Shrove Tuesday, was, fittingly enough, Shrove Sunday.  It’s apparently the day to go out and enjoy winter sports, sledding in particular.  I hadn’t realized it was Shrove Sunday until a friend made a comment on Facebook about it…then I immediately panicked, wondering if the grocery store would be open.

I had already planned on going for a walk to the nearby sports complex, because there was a snow judo competition that I felt I simply had to check out.  So I ventured out into the falling snow (while Stephen worked) and walked to the sports complex.  There was more going on than snow judo, though – skiing and skating and sledding, oh my!  They even had a horse and buggy ride for kids.

Ice skating

Ice skating



Sledding hill behind the skating rink

Sledding hill behind the skating rink

Snow Judo

Snow Judo

Snow Judo...or, just rolling around in the snow!

Snow Judo…or, just rolling around in the snow!

Horse and carriage ride

Horse and carriage ride

I stopped at the store on the way home (open, thank goodness) and decided to pick up some laskiaispulla, but they were completely sold out.  So, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.  😉  I did go to the store today and pick some up, though, and Stephen and I enjoyed our little Shrove Tuesday treat.



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